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Start me guiding please

Peter Reader

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Hi all,

Not entirely sure I can afford guiding yet but: can someone whack down a list of links to kit that would start me guiding as cheaply as possible please :D

I'm just interested to see what I would need.

Current kit:

EQ5 mount with SW dual axis motor drives.

Thanks chaps

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PHD: Free of charge

2nd hand finderscope: £30

Modified webcam: £45

Adapters: Anything from free to £30

A better camera would probably be the first upgrade...something like a QHY5: £175 + adapter from Modern Astronomy £28.

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How do you connect the laptop to the motors to control them?

You can let EQMOD do it, or connect the ST4 port on a guidecamera (for instance the QHY5) to the ST4 port on the mount (assuming your mount has a guide port?).

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The OPs mount doesn't have an ST4 port. The link I posted tells you how to connect to the mount by modifying the hand controller.

Ahh...fair enough. I saw that bit in Making Every Photon Count:icon_salut:

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