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  1. Thanks for the rotation idea! What is HDR merging?
  2. Hi all, Tried to image horse head and lame last night. Got nearly 100 60s subs and the horsehead shows but alnitak is blumming huge! It rather ruins the image as it draws the eye away from the horse head and covers part of the the flame. I'm using ISO 1000 and 800 DSS and GIMP Any thoughts?
  3. Thank you all for the wealth of information provided!
  4. Hi all, I know that the following is wrong, but if ISO determines how sensitive the camera chip is, why not set it as high as possible? As then you'd only need to take shorter exposures. Why don't people do this? I've noticed people using low ISO for M42 in order to not burn out the core... faint detail still comes through so how does this work? If someone could shed some light on this that would be great! Thanks Pete
  5. Yep, same here. This will be my next target with my 200P and unmodded D80
  6. Thanks for sharing. I must try a lower ISO to stop the core being burnt out.
  7. Looking good! I can make out the running man and the core doesn't look burnt out at all! What ISO did you use?
  8. Good image! How many short subs do you recommend adding to the burnt out exposures?
  9. Reprocess: I don't think I have the software to do either of the methods you recommended...
  10. Hi all, Thought I would share my image of M42. This is 35 x 60s subs with 10 x 20s thrown in to try not to burn out the core... it didn't really work did it? And 5 x 60s darks for the noise. Processed in Microsoft Office 2010 (mid tone adjusted only). Thoughts on how to get detail in the middle instead of burning out? Thanks Pete
  11. Thanks for the info! There's a resampling box that you can check before stacking... How is this different to drizzling? I never noticed the resize button in the wavelets section before, so thanks for letting me know!
  12. It makes the image 2x larger without making it look pixelated.
  13. Focus seems good. I try to expose for the brightest part of the picture (in this case bottom left), so that this area isn't too white. To be honest though you've done a fine job -I'm just nit picking. Some strange artefacts in bottom left of image... possibly just the result of gain being slightly too high? Not sure, but well done!
  14. Hi all! Kept gain under 50% for this one and adjusted exposure accordingly and managed to bet a much bolder image than last time... Before: very high 80% gain New: 45% gain Newer one uses drizzling method in Registax 6... Preferences? Pete
  15. Hi all, SW 2x barlow lens with Toucam. Each frame is 1000 frames stacked in Registax 6, and put together in Gimp 2.6.1 I'd like to superimpose a map of england on this picture to show friends the scale. ANy ideas? Pete
  16. Stars look fine. Maybe go for longer exposure?
  17. Found it, thank you! I've noticed that when focusing on a bright point of light in a pitch dark room the best focus is when the histogram is "longest". Thank you very much King, and others!
  18. I think I'll go for a 3x tal. And if I need more mag use an extension tube? Thanks for all the great reviews on barlows, but I don't really want to spend over £50.
  19. I'm probably being dopey, but I can't find this live histogram... Would love to use it!
  20. I noticed several people have used 4x barlows. Can you recommend any? Also I noticed that you can pull the webcam adaptor out of the Barlow to get more magnification. If I bodged a webcam adaptor that would increase the distance from the webcam to the Barlow what would be a good distance to go for? Does this reduce quality? Thanks for all the help.
  21. Hi all, I have an 8" f5 scope. I gather that my maximum useful magnification is x400? How to I know the magnification I am getting with an a focal webcam and what barlow lens would you recommend I get? I am using a Philips Toucam and have used a 2x Barlow to get nice results so far. If anyone could help that would be great! Thanks! Pete
  22. Thank you for all this information. I can't Find a live histogram on Sharpcap. Is there a solution to this? What capture software do you use?
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