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Anyone seen a Moon Halo?

Ursa Major

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I just took a look out of my window to look at the moon which was behind thin cloud and there was a lovely bright halo around it. It was very colourful showing shades of orange. I tried to take a photo but I do not have a tripod and I could not really get the right exposure.

When the moon drifted out of the cloud it showed a new halo, a smaller one with yellow in the inner bit and greeny blue on the outside halo.

I have seen pictures of sun halos which are coursed by the light refracting through high up ice partials, but are moon halos coursed by the same thing?

Anyway it was and still is a wonderful sight so I’m going back out to marvel at it.

Thank you.

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Not uncommon, but as JamesC says, you have to look out for them. On a similar tack, has anyone else seen a "Moonbow", a rainbow caused by moonlight, these are much rarer due to the complex circumstances for them to form. They have a beautifull silvery appearance, it's quite likely that photography would reveal some subtle colours.

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Yeah, I've also seen it several times - looks rather stunning.

In fact, despite thinking at the time, "Oh darn it, won't bother getting the telescope out - seeing won't be good on stars and DSOs tonight", it still made me look up and think, "Gee, that's nice...."!! :eek:


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