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Ptolemaeus et al (10 May 2011)


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Another pic from my first evening out in a long time.

Again, greyscale and colour image attached.

I am pleased with this as a number of ghost craters can just be picked out in Ptolemaeus, and a nice shadow emerging from the central peak in crater Alphonsus.




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Ok the first things i would do if you can not afford to get a mono camera.

Is collimate the scope untill your sure its really rocking i use a cheshire a glow in the dark colli cap for the primary. and a laser for the secondary

Only shoot the moon when its at least 50 degrees high. and hopfully when its calm. this is why i dont post a lot of lunar i rarely get the chances where its worth it for me.

a 8" scope can really do quite a lot of great images. it depends what your interest is. How much quality you want to get. and what type of lunar imaging. some prefer lower focal length full moon mosaics. others prefer hi resolution high focal length single craters. i like both. some people do full moon mosaics at high focal length too. if you want real close detail. and your scope can do this. try to get your focal length between say 5000, and 7000 mm. that sounds like a good approach. not sure what barlow will give those powers ? shoot single craters at first to learn good focussing at high power. in other words shoot a crater, go to another target refocus, shoot that, and on and on. you will get some that are close to perfect focus your first night hopefully. use your spc 900 in mono. ( BW) some will disagree. more feedback from you before i say anything else

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