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NGC 4565 Galaxy in Coma Berenices


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Another sketch from 8 April. NGC 4565 edge-on galaxy in Coma Berenices with my 16" x 107, plus a neodymimum filter to get more contrast. It was simply a stunning sight in the eyepiece. The extent of the arms was breathtaking, stretching to more than half my field of view. Traced the dark dust lane through the nuclear buldge, where it seemed to curve down a bit, and out into the arms for quite a distance on either side. Beautiful.


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Thats a great sketch.:icon_salut:A truly beautiful NGC Spring galaxy.I hadn't viewed this galaxy for some time but found it last night,used x60 and deep sky filter in place with my SW250mm but seeing conditions were very poor,too much haze unfortunately for picking out any detail even with higher magnification.



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I keep coming back to this sketch - I love it!

I have a yearning to see this one at a dark sky in a decent aperture again. I have a vivid image still printed on my retina through a 10" at Kielder.


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