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  1. Looks very similar to the Swift 831 both of them being made by Eikow I believe
  2. It’s a pity that Eagle Creek Observatory link is mainly unusable now. What sub links that are working are very good, and if all the sub links worked it would be an excellent resource.
  3. Okay, I found them! They were in the zip file which I hadn’t undone! I copy them below AZ-GTi motor controller firmware version 3.16: Version 3.16 Nov 5, 2018 1. Fix a problem which might cause firmware update failing. Version 3.14 Sep 25, 2018 1. Fix a problem that causes SSID "ESP_xxxxxx" broadcasted instead of "SynScan_xxxx", and mount not working with SynScan App. Version 3.13 July 20, 2018 1. Change timer for defaulting WiFi to 1 hour 2. Force to use AP only mode if the WiFi module cannot join a valid WiFi network in STA only or AP-STA mode. Version 3.12 Jun 22, 2018 1. Fixed a bug that might cause intermittent UART communication error Version 3.10 Oct 17, 2017 1. Fix a bug which prevents the build-in Wi-Fi module working in STA only mode. 2. If the access point for the STA mode is not valid, turn on build-in Wi-Fi's access point automatically. V03.07 1. Fix the may set out wrong response to hand controller due to TX buffer overwritten by ADC Data storing V03.06 1. Fix the known problems in version 3.05. 2. Reverse counting direction of azimuth auxiliary encoder. V03.05 1. Modify code structure to support multiple mounts. V03.03 1. Motor Encoder Hardware changed from 45 counts to 90 counts. The maximum accuracy is improved. 2. Read back MC version : 3.3.A5 V03.02 1. Add function that turn off WiFi if there is no any WiFi traffic within 15 minutes after MiniAZ powered up If any WiFi traffic happen within that 15 minutes, the WiFi will be kept on unitl MiniAZ have been powered off. 2. Restore WiFi manufactory setting if there is no any operation occured with f4 hours after MiniAZ powered up. The operation includes commands from Hand controller, App or WiFi AT command from App. After the manufactory restored, the WiFi will be kept on unitl MiniAZ have been powered off. 3. Add new LED indications. LED is solid lit while MiniAZ is power up but the WiFi is off. LED blinks once while MiniAZ is power up and WiFi is power up and wait for connecting. LED blinks twice while MiniAZ is power up and WiFi is connected. LED blinks three times while MiniAZ is in bootloader mode. 4. Read back MC version : 3.2.A5 V03.01 add: 1. Add in Motor control command to read back WiFi Mac Address 2. Read back MC version : 3.1.A5 V03.00 add: 1. Read back MC version : 3.0.A5
  4. Hi Peter I’ve just read this thread and your reply, and am intrigued by you mentioning firmware release notes; I can’t find them anywhere! I know this thread is a bit old now, but if you, or anybody, can point me in the direction of these release notes I’d be a very happy boy! Max
  5. I appreciate the quick reply, thanks. I’ll just have to hope mine’s okay then!
  6. Hi Did you ever get an answer to this question? I ask because I’ve just bought a second hand one and would be very interested to know. Cheers
  7. Yes, I’m really looking forward to playing with Jeremy. I’ve got a lousy cold at the moment so will defer the pleasure until I can really enjoy it!
  8. Well I take back all I said, I’d no sooner posted my last post than the postman arrived with it!! Brilliant service. I haven’t opened it yet because it’s a crimble present, although I’m sorely tempted. Watch this space!
  9. I bought one of these yesterday, which I’m told should arrive Monday, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Anyway, I’m following this thread with interest. Slightly concerned that the az needs locking so hard; is this common? I’ve decided, reluctantly, that I won’t be installing the beta firmware yet as it appears it’s still problematical. I don’t have a SynScan handset so will be using my iPhone and/or my iPad. From what I’ve read so far I think it’s highly likely that I’ll be taking part in further discussions about this beastie ? Max
  10. Hi there I just came across your post when doing a search for AZ GTI. I’m slightly puzzled about your ‘Never’ option. I have an iPhone 6 and on checking found that the Never option is certainly there? Have you got the latest iOS installed? Max
  11. Also found this. Have a look at the drawing in one of the included pics. In some ways this is similar to the Tasso Starguide 114 which I collimated a week or two back. But with that there’s a central locking screw and three adjusting screws. Also there’s a correcting lens in the eyepiece tube. https://www.ebay.ph/itm/Mizar-CX150-Astronomical-Catadioptric-Telescope-D-153-mm-Fl-1310mm-/173661361395
  12. Hi there I see nobody has answered you yet, and I’m afraid I can’t help either, perhaps it’s because it’s such an uncommon scope. It looks beautifully made. Have you found this link yet? https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/224896-a-very-rare-tasco-find-i-got-the-16t/
  13. Can I ask why there could not, for example, be a sub forum under Equipment called Vintage or suchlike? It seems to me to be no different to having Binoculars there. It wouldn’t require separate membership or cause any other problems. As I’m sure all of you know, on CloudyNights it’s called Classic Telescopes. Just an idea.
  14. Well done Andy! I remember you now, so perhaps I’m not as senile as I thought I was!
  15. Then I apologise for my suggestion. I have to confess to being surprised that nobody else has shown interest, clearly I’m on my own here. I stand quietened.
  16. How about a Vintage heading under Equipment Mark? That would seem simple enough.
  17. Ah, perhaps that’s what I remember Mark! That should be reinstated. Why on earth was it merged? It makes no sense at all.
  18. It seems only Browndwarf and me remember it, so perhaps both of us share the same dreams? I do think that either way that there should be one; would it be that difficult to create? Any other takers?
  19. I just came back for a peek, and found to my dismay that the fairly active vintage group that there used to be on here, is gone. Shame really. There must be a few people still using old stuff, or just collecting it?
  20. Hi Tyler, Firstly, it might help if we knew which scope this is. Looking at your pics the plate appears to me to be positioned correctly; I'm not certain you can be wrong with it? Is the cover plate just a flat plate? Next question, and very important, is it still greased with proper damping grease? Damping grease is specifically designed for this type of application, and all telescope rack and pinions should have it; it's part of the tuning/adjustment. Ordinary grease such as lithium is no good for this application, for two reasons. Firstly, it's very quickly is squeezed out, leaving the contact surfaces dry. Secondly, and probably more importantly, when the scope is elevated with diagonal, eyepiece etc, the focuser tube needs to stay in position without being locked, and without the tack of damping grease it can't do this. Well it can't do it without the tension being much tighter than it should be. Damping grease is expensive to buy, so assuming that it hasn't been cleaned, leave it. If you need to replace it, use a heavy duty one such as Nyogel PG-448. Cheers Max
  21. Hi DC I don't know whether or not you've tried this, but perhaps surprisingly, you may see more moons by using a lower power eyepiece. Using my old C102HD I see moons better with my 18mm Kelner than with, for instance, my 9mm Nagler or 5mm Radian. This is another instance where magnification doesn't help. I pulled in five a few nights back, but only four last night. Cheers Max
  22. Hi all, Yes, I've been watching it too, gradually coming down to half for a while now in my sixty mil frac. Have noticed mottled shading on a couple of nights. Best to get out early while contrast is lower. It was completely clouded over last night here in Cambridgeshire, and looks as though it might well be the same tonight! Cheers Max
  23. Hi Steve, If as I suspect this was a dig at me, I'd like to point out two things. Firstly I didn't TELL anybody anything, and secondly, I ended my post stating that this was only MY opinion. Cheers Max
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