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  1. Thats a great sketch! Would you say binoviewers enhanced the view? I've read a lot of posts saying they do and are worth the money.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! So a refractor will always have better contrast even if it is much smaller?
  3. I know apochromatic refractors are considered the best optical telescopes out there, and I get that they are great for astrophotography because of their lighter weight, lack of diffraction spikes, pin point stars etc... But for visual, why buy a 2000 dollar 4 inch apo when you can get a 14 inch dobsonian for the same amount of money? The dob will have better resolution and light gathering capabilites, so why go for the APO? (we are assuming in this scenario that storage is not an issue). Would love to know and hear some opinions, I'm quite new to this. Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you! Yes it is from tonight, that exact position. No idea why my app wasnt showing it, perhaps because I have the brightness dimmed on the phone. Clear skies!
  5. If it helps, photo taken from 42 degrees latitude, around 9 pm.
  6. Here's a photo of Saturn I just took. The dot to the right is Titan i think, but the one above it isn't showing up in SkySafari or Stellarium. Is it a star? About the same magnitude as Titian. Thanks in advance!
  7. Buqibu


    Celestron AstroMastee 102AZ, using Celestron Zoom eyepiece plus Barlow 2x, around 100x - 165x. Seeing was better than usual, could make out the big pale band in Saturn's sphere, along with the shadow it casted on the ring. Also noticed its southern portion peeking out beneath the rings. Slight glimpse of the Cassini Division here and there. Sketch done with Sketchbook app on my phone. Visually it looked slightly dimmer, with purple fringing around it as is the norm for achros, other than that, I think I got a pretty accuarte sketch here. Enjoy!
  8. Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ, using Celestron Zoom eyepiece at 24mm. 4k video, 30fps on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (freely held). Proccessed 1200 frames in PiPP, stacked the best 25% in AutoStakkert, edited wavelets in Registax. Hope you like it.
  9. Went out expecting some quick views of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and maybe of The Moon later on. Seeing was not on my side this time. I don't know if it was the atmosphere, the heat from nerby buildings, humidity, poor transparancy etc...all I know is, the views were very wobbly. Couple that with the wind and I decided to switch my attention elsewhere. I thought I'd have a go at some deep sky objects, considering the moon wouldn't be out for another 2 hours or so. Quite a lot of stars visible (at least for urban skies, maps place it at bortle 5/6, but it really depends on neighbour lights). First object I went for was M15 (globular cluster), high in the sky, well placed for viewing. Got a bright blob of undefined stellar mass, about right for the 4 inch achro. I also took a look at M2 - same story, though M2 was lower in the sky. Considering it gave similar views at lower altitude, I'm assuming M2 is slightly more impressive than M15 in the same conditions. Both clusters took magnification well, though I could not clearly resolve stars. Next, I moved on to this naked eye double above Saturn - Algedi Secunda. Very nice, wide double of seemingly identical components, both barely fitting in the field of view. Kind of like a big version of Mesarthim in Ares. Next, I decided to try and find a new object. Noticed this nebula in SkySafari, well placed, high in the sky, bright as a planetary nebula can be, seemingly easy to find. "The Blue Snowball Nebula" (C22). I looked around the designated area of sky and found this bright pair of stars at 8mm. Though one of them had something odd about it...it wasn't focusing. The other star looked like a point, this one like a blueish white circle. Could this be it? It seemed too bright to me, I thought it would be far more of a challange. Decided to check SkySafari, and couldn't accurately match the surrounding stars in the app to my eyepiece view. Same thing in Stellarium. I was absolutely convinced this wasn't a normal star, so I looked online at an accuarate star chart , depicting even faint stars in that area. Found an image aaaaaandd...there it was. The nebula in the same position I saw it in the eyepiece. I was very pleased. Snaped a few pictures, blue colour clearly visible in them. I always imagined these objects to be out of reach to me, thinking only large telescopes and fancy cameras can present their beauty. But every passing night I am proven wrong. Of course you won't see hubble like images, you might not see big bright beautiful, colourful, detailed views, but there's something about them being real, right up there, as they've been for millions of years. As for the end, looked at The Andromeda Galaxy and the Double Cluster. By this time my hands were starting to go numb from the cold so I called it a night. Very memorable session. (All observations were made with Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ, using a Celestron Zoom eyepiece).
  10. Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ, using Celesteon Zoom eyepiece at 8mm. Picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Pro Mode, ISO 3200, 1 second exposure.
  11. I have yet to get a clear view of the Cassini Division, though one night I was able (for a slight, fleeting moment) to distinguish a gap in the rings. This was with my 4 inch achro, looking over close buildings...not properly acclimated....now that I think about it, might've been just my imagination
  12. Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ, Celestron Zoom eyepiece at about 20mm. Using the sketchbook app on my phone. Bortle 6 skies, Moon is out. Hope you like it, I'm really enjoying sketching lately, especially digitally.
  13. Its always great to show others views through a telescope. I find The Moon and planets get the best reaction, followed by double stars and open clusters. I don't bother showing people faint fuzzies if they aren't really into astro, as I know it wont impress them a ton. Though telling them what they are looking at is quite fun. Great report!
  14. Saturn looked very nice yesterday, although its steadily dimming as it leaves opposition period, still a great sight. I thought I caught a glimpse of the Cassini Division yesterday for the first time in my 4 inch achro. Though it might've just been my imagination, haven't had a clear view of it yet. Saturn had a nice pale cream band that I could make out, looked a bit like a scoop of ice cream
  15. Great report! My session today was a mix of clouds, wonky seeing, bright moon. Still quite fun
  16. Could I attach cradle rings to the plate I already have and just slide the ota like that? Or is a longer plate neccesary?
  17. I have an astromaster 102az. It has the plate screwed into the ota, but its too short. Would cradle rings work?
  18. Ah ok! Yes I was refering to those rings. Now it looks obvious . Thank you! Now a new question if you don't mind, are rings needed if you have a long enough dovetail plate? (on the scope, not the mount). In terms of balancing, my scope's plate is simply too short, cant shift it at all to try and balance it. Thinking of getting rings like that or just a longer plate and attach it to the scope. Which would be a better option?
  19. I've seen a few setups where both are used, isn't that a bit redundat? They seem like they serve the same purpose to me. Sorry if this is a silly question, quite new to this. Thanks in advance!
  20. Can saltwater splash up a 5 story building from 30 meters away (without a storm)? I really want to avoid cleaning the lense if at all possible.
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