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  1. Hi John That looks rather like it. The barely discernible star was well separated but I did not have a A and B resolved.
  2. Hi Nik When viewing Alnitak I thought that I could see a very dim object to the west of it, barely visible . Could this have been what I was searching for ? Alan
  3. I eventually managed to get around to checking the collimation on my 8SE. I purchased an artificial star and some Bob’s Knobs which seems to make things a bit easier. The check and adjustments were made indoors. We have a long central hallway and rooms at either end so was able to find the necessary distance needed to carry out the procedure . Not having external distractions such as wind, fogging , tracking etc made things much easier for my first real attempt at collimation. it was pretty obvious that things were improving as I moved thru the adjustment process using the ever stronger e
  4. Hi All I had an aborted attempt at a star test and collimation last night. It was clear and very frosty but 8SE was put outdoors nice and early in order to achieve thermal equilibrium . When I did go out I did my usual 2 star align etc and then selected my star upon which to test. At this point I removed my dew shield in anticipation of needing access to screws and the front of the corrector plate in order to ascertain orientation using a screwdriver. The corrector plate quickly fogged over rendering the exercise a failure. Anyhow it looks as though it will be clear agin to its albei
  5. Nik271,John,Mr Spock I did not check for dew on the corrector plate but did have my dew shield in place. Perhaps I should make a mental note to check this in future. That was my first attempt at a star test so I may be a bit woolly on exactly what I was seeing other than reporting that the obstruction was centred. I have checked out the link provided by John and suspect that I need to revisit the star test procedure and subsequent steps . I bought the 8SE in July and have never run this type of test or collimated before so strongly suspect that this is where I need concentr
  6. A further bit of info ......the scope was out until 2200 ish , I attempted the doubles between 9 and 10 so cool down should not have been an issue.
  7. Hi John Thanks for getting back to me . iI popped the scope out ar 1600 and started off with Mars and Uranus around 1830. At around this time I decided to check the collocation and think this was done on either Pollux or Aldebaran ( my alignment stars). The test showed a perfectly centered obstruction , no skewing. I’ll check out the link you provided. thanks Alan
  8. Last night we had the first clear night for sometime so decided to get my 8SE out early at 1600 hrs in order to cool down . The plan was to have a look at Mars and Uranus and later on when Orion was up to have a look around here and try to resolve doubles in Alnitak , Mintaka and Rigel. I’ve only been observing since last January with bins and since July with my 8SE so am not hugely experienced. I’ve done loads of research etc and think that I’ve understood the principals but have had no practical experience gained from interaction with a fellow enthusiast. My eyepieces consist of the
  9. Many thanks for the welcome and the pointer towards AAS. I am looking forward to learning more about this fascinating subject. Alan
  10. Hi All i’ve been lurking for a short while but decided to take the plunge ! I started gazing with binoculars in January and have since invested in a Celestron NexStar 8Se so have also taken the plunge in a financial sense also . No doubt I’ll be asking plenty of questions . clear skies to all.
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