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  1. Here’s my take on a very heavy duty alt az mount.
  2. Thank you very much Jas, and everyone for the kind comments and positive feedback. I need to do a bit more field testing and I’ve identified a couple of changes to make, then hopefully I can have a batch made up. ?
  3. Hi Cletus, thanks for the feedback. The slow motions is something I’m considering, just not sure if they are necessary, I’ll do a bit more testing but it’s definitely on the possible list. I’m planning on getting a tripod pier made up to sit it on which will be supplied with the mount. As for alt az rather than eq.... I have eq mounts but find the convenience of an altaz mount to be unbeatable for a quick session and as all my scopes are long f ratio refractors I had to come up with something suitable at a reasonable cost. Don’t think the telly was on....just reflections. ?
  4. Thank you. As this is a prototype, I made the counterweight shaft 1" diameter which will fit a standard weight plate. This will suffice for now. If I produce more then I will supply specific counterweights.
  5. Hi, I read your review before embarking on this journey, very enjoyable thank you. What does the APM use for friction for the axis? I'm thinking either a nylon tipped (or similar) thumbscrew with possibly a spring loading to keep the set pressure on. The mount is as well engineered as I could make it given the restrictions. I would love to think it would be comparable in performance to the APM but I suspect at at a lot less cost.
  6. Following on from the thread 'SkyTee 2's big brother' I have made some progress. I had drawings done and have the first trial model of my very heavy duty Alt az mount made up. The mount itself weighs in at around 20kg so is very substantial. It uses roller bearings on the Alt axis and a crossed roller thrust bearing on the az axis. The main shaft is around 2 inches diameter. I had the heavy duty clamps made up similar to the ADM clamp but more meaty and with a hole pitch to bolt straight to the end of the shaft. I'm quite pleased with the first results in that it copes with my steel tubed, 6" f15 refractor like it wasn't there! I need to source, or have made up, thumbscrews for the alt and az axis friction controls and also I need to design an end cover for the main shaft lock nut. Both ends of the main shaft are drilled and tapped so 2 clamps can be fitted and one end is threaded to accept the counter balance shaft for really heavy scopes. I have had very good feedback from people seeing this mount, none of whom are astronomers, so would be very interested in your thoughts, especially how you think it could be improved or what you like or dislike about it. Cheers, Tom
  7. And that just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to enhance this hobby. Nice job Steve.
  8. It does indeed look very much like it. I'm slightly disappointed as I was half planning an original astromount for my obsy project. Their new English mount doesn't look a patch on it. The position of the counter weight/balance shaft looks like it will induce unnecessary forces and transfer them along the main shaft/axis. I'm sure they know better than me though! Still I cant see that one carrying my 6" f15 frac.
  9. Has anyone on here got or used an Astromount from AWT Technology? I see they have introduced a new mount but it looks like they have discontinued the original Astromount. Just wondering if it wasn't a success. Cheers.
  10. Once I get a permanent obsy set up, you're welcome to visit Fozzie.
  11. The Gemini G41 in the classifieds is a bargain at the price and will tick the boxes.
  12. Well the Baader wonder fluid and cloth arrived today, thanks FLO, and the filter has cleaned up like new...PHEW!!! Thanks for the tips and advice. Tom
  13. Thanks for the tips guys. I've got wonder fluid and cloth arriving imminently from FLO. I do feel a bit daft though making such a basic error!! I'll be sure to spray the cloth too!
  14. ....and its got a greasy mark on. Have I jiggered it??? I accidentally touched my Baaders solar continuum filter. Is it cleanable? If so, how? Cheers. Tom
  15. oooo...if we're doing first refusals, I'll have the 8mm TVP if you sell please. I've been looking for another one for a while now, with no luck from my wanted ads. Cheers Tom
  16. There does seem to be a big jump in price after the Skytee. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to approach a couple of local engineering works to see if they could come up with something. I might make some enquiries.
  17. Cheers for that Steve. Its definitely got a bigger payload.......and a bigger price! It comes in at around the price of the 'T-Rex', Now I like the look of that.
  18. Is anyone aware of a Skytee2 type alt/az mount with a greater capacity? An internet search has so far proved fruitless. Cheers,
  19. Chris, the objective is a rare, coated Jaegers (USA) item. Most of their offerings were uncoated. It's a beut!
  20. Fullerscopes used to sell a 6" f15 on the mark 4 so its well suited.
  21. I've thought the same thing myself. Thanks. I'm really pleased with the finish. Ha! I wasn't before I got it! Seriously though, I need an obsy for it. It's a bit of a struggle as the tripod is just so tall.
  22. Just realised, I've got pics of the scope and pics of the mount posted but non together, so here we go: Skylight 6" f15 on Fullerscopes Mk4 mount that I recently refurbed, and a couple with the Skylight 60mm f16 for scale. That's a full size table by the way.........
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