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  1. Thanks for all the great advice here. Looks like I'm saving up for a HEQ5 or ioptron!
  2. Is the Celestron AVX a good option? It's has a good payload and seems for compare well to the HEQ5 but is cheaper and lighter
  3. I'm looking to buy a Goto mount for my small refractor (Horizon 60ED). I want to take more take more pictures of DSO but don't want to spend all night trying to find targets. I'm looking at EQ5 pro or should I pay the extra and buy a HEQ5? I like the idea of the more portable EQ5 but will it do the job?
  4. Thanks @Adreneline and @Rustang for some great feedback. Definitely going to try longer exposures and will add in more darks and look at flats and bias as well. I'll have a look at Deep Sky Stacker. I like your point about work the next day @AstroAndy which is why I'm only taking a few darks. It took me forever to find the objects, I suppose this is practice . A GOTO mount is a bit beyond the budget at the moment. Thanks again Bill
  5. Here is my image of M81 and M82 taken on the 17th April. My 2nd attempt at a DSO, so be kind! I used a Canon 750D, RVO 60ED, Starguider pro and autoguiding. 40x60 second exposures at ISO 1600. Only 5 darks. Stacked in sequator and then Ps for processing. I'm under Bortle 5 skies. Any advice welcome... do I need to take longer or more exposures? Is my ISO right? Do I need more darks?
  6. My first attempt at imaging a DSO, just planets up to now. First go at autoguiding also, not sure if that went well! I took 30 x 60sec exposures on a Canon 750D and RVO Horizon 60ED, mounted on a Starguider pro. I used Sequator to stack then Photoshop and lots of YouTube for help I think that there is a tiny galaxy to left of M13?
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