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  1. The remarkable Mrs H has today cut the hedge on our southern boundary. This is even more remarkable as we are awaiting the results of xray imaging of her knee which is giving her considerable chronic pain. I have never considered it wise to cut any of her plants without very clear authorisation and instructions. On this occasion however, I am ashamed to have left her to it! I may be a cad and a poor excuse for a husband but I now have the opportunity to image Jupiter and Saturn with my pier mounted telescope. In the partner stakes, you cannot improve upon a kind, smart and sturdy northern woman!

    George now in bed dreaming of spots, festoons and rings in Lowestoft

    1. orion25


      Cheers and healing for Mrs. H!

      Sincerely, Reggie

    2. Hawksmoor


      Mrs H says thanks Reggie. We suspect she requires a new knee joint but still await the Doctor's diagnosis from the hospital. 

      Best regards George

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