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  1. I know what you mean. I'm weighing up the pros and cons of the Skyliner 200p dob vs the 250px flextube. I'd really like the 10", but the price difference for the extra aperture and compact design is huge. Tough to know what to do. Incidentally, does anyone know why the 200px flextube is only available as a goto and not a manual version? (Apologies if this has been asked before)
  2. My heart sank when I saw the news I'm looking at it with the attitude that it's a hobby that requires a lot of patience and fortitude, so the wait for any of my wishlist items to be in stock is good practice for when I actually get them!
  3. There's the rub - it means the entry end of the market will be squeezed if prices don't settle. I've had to completely rethink for now - I can't justify blowing my whole starting budget on a scope that suddenly went up by £200 and have no money left for any accessories. I've bought binoculars and a tripod and will just keep my ear to the ground to see if the scope I want becomes affordable again at some point.
  4. A quick thank you and an update! Even with the bright moon Bortle 6 sky tonight I have seen: M42, Mars, The Pleiades, and actually managed to find M31 - I actually squealed with joy when I spotted the faint smudge Stellarium had pointed me to I can't wait for some darker skies! Thanks again for all the brilliant advice MiladyB x
  5. Ooooooh! Now that looks like a fun project
  6. Thanks for all the help, everyone! My binos are on the way I have a nice zero gravity recliner for the garden so I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) chilled out session with them soon.
  7. With telescopes being out of stock everywhere I've been spending my time reading up and decided to buy some decent binoculars as a solid starting point. Even this was no mean feat with stocks being low and requiring a pair with good eye-relief for specs due to astigmatism. I've ordered the Opticron adventurer 10x50 t wp binoculars, as these appear to have received the best reviews across the board, so hopefully they are the right ones to go for! I'm thinking of mounting them on a monopod - but not sure what bracket etc. I'll need. Can anyone recommend one, please? MiladyB x
  8. Totally get what you're saying. There's likely to be a natural ceiling on what many people will/can budget for good quality 'introduction to the hobby' type gear though - the sub £500 first setup end of the market may level off more quickly purely because higher prices may cause consumers to go for smaller aperture models, or price them out entirely. There's probably quite a contrast between that end of the market and the dedicated hobbyist who spends £1500 upgrading to a next model up mount, for example.
  9. I feel your pain. I'd been looking at a Heritage 150p to combine with an az-gti mount - it was between that setup and the 250px flextube. The 150p wasn't in stock and I wouldn't have ordered the mount on its own as I wanted to get the scope first. I was hoping to get into a shop to look at the 250px. Now the big dob is simply too expensive, and the other setup will probably cost way more than it would have been. I thought I was being wise being patient for once - d'oh!
  10. As gutting as it is for consumers, it's the sellers who will lose out on orders at least in the short term - since wages haven't risen in line with the prices. I feel for the retailers as most will squeeze their profits in order to try to maintain sales. It's effectively a bubble, though, and hopefully the market will self-correct soon.
  11. My guess: increased manufacturing costs on the units themselves (goods inwards, covid security in factories etc), and a hefty lump of surge pricing on due to sheer demand and staffing issues.
  12. Hopefully the prices will settle down once logistics and manufacturing come back on stream more fully. It must be really tough for retailers as well as consumers, with people potentially being priced out of the market at least temporarily. For now I'm going to have to shelve buying the 250px flextube I've been hanging my nose over but wanted to look at 'in the flesh'. Hopefully it'll be back on the list once things ease up
  13. I made the mistake of looking at this with my husband, who suggested where we could store one for easy access to the garden and now it's a distinct possibility we'll look at getting one - at some point, at least - perhaps just not to begin with.
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