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  1. Great stuff that looks the part. What size is yours 7x7 or 8x8 ? Excitement levels are building, I bought a very un-portable rig last year prior to a house move and it hasn't seen 1st light yet
  2. I have heard back from Graham today, he seemed genuinely apologetic and explained that he is older and not IT savvy, he was using Nathans address so I guess he doesn't have his own. I explained about bulk emailing customers with generic updates and offered to assist if needed. Keith! that info may have saved a lot of stress and hassle. My set-up will also be tripod mounted so I have passed that info on.
  3. Thank you Malc, yeah I realize that, as others have said the timescale I can live with but the attitude towards communication is a potential deal breaker. I assume the lady on the landline answerphone is the owners wife so it seems like they have the capacity to answer enquiries without disrupting installation activities. I don't know how others feel but I be happy to receive my obs and construct it myself.
  4. Hi All I have also had an order in with HOUK since Feb 2021 and am having the same issues getting a response. I was skeptical about using their preferred payment methods but went ahead after checking out many glowing testimonials. I don't mind waiting and am sympathetic of their situation but how hard is to send the odd bulk email to customers? I have emailed requesting an update and have indicated that if they don't respond I will begin proceedings to recover my deposit. Steve
  5. £100 Altair Astro Multi Mount pier adapter with home made levelling plates Made by myself and used for my imaging setup, made with very solid 3mm plate steel, once it was levelled and locked down it never need any adjustment. very heavy so will be sent parcelforce £13 if required The new Altair Astro CNC machined aluminium pier adapter is used to secure the following Equatorial mounts to your Altair SkyShed Pier: Altair Sabre mount iOptron CEM60 iOptron iEQ45 Skywatcher EQ6 (AKA Orion Atlas) Skywatcher HEQ5 Skywatcher EQ5 Skywatcher EQ3-2 Celestron CGEM
  6. The Equinox? yes and yes its dual speed
  7. You did not send the deposit or contact me so I sold the mount to someone else, today the deposit arrived and I have been trying to contact you to return it. Please reply to my email so that I can refund you.
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