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  1. I got my Hyperion zoom yesterday but waiting for the barlow to ship. Doesn't look like I'll have a chance at trying it again tonigh as the weather is getting worse as the afternoon comes.
  2. Had clear skies today and my Baader zoom arrived so had a first ever go at finding these. Was tricky until it got darker around 10:30pm and my eyes adjusted as well. Finally saw it as a single star around that time and pointed with telrad. Went up to 162x but could not split either of the pair. I'll have another go again next time weather permits. This time I'll know better what I'm looking for. Also waiting for the 2.25x Barlow to arrive, so failing my eyesight actually doing its job, I'll have 370x to attempt this
  3. New right angle erecting finder scope and shoe, Baader Zoom Mk4. Weather looks promising tonight too
  4. I'm new to all this but I'm the same Love to learn about things I love. So much that I've been doing a lot of research and ordered some goodies I can't wait to get. Welcome!
  5. Hey. I'm a newbie myself and only picked up a telescope recently. Was in the same predicament as you due to all retailers being out of stock, as well as the next delivery already being sold out. Managed to get a great deal on a second hand dobsonian. Not only did I pay less than half the cost of a new one, I also got a 10" mirror. Not sure where you're located, but it may be worth a shot. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?typechoice[]=Telescope-Reflector&titlechoice[]=For+Sale&statuschoice[]=Active&minprice=&maxprice=
  6. I've read a lot of reviews and have decided. Few upgrades happening in the next few days then I hope those will last me for a while without a need for any other eyepieces etc. - Telrad - Right-angle erect image Sky-watcher 9x50 Finder Scope with a William Optics finder shoe - Baader Hyperion Zoom 8x-24x - Baader 2.25x Barlow - Eyepiece mounted phone holder for some simple photography EXCITED! Needles to say I've spent 3 times as much as I did on the scope with those orders, but I think it will be worth it. Down the rabbit hole we go ...
  7. I saw a trick on youtube where you take a few short exposure pics (like 5 seconds) and then stack them. That way you avoid stars trailing and you can still get some good photos out of it with less noise.
  8. Seems like a few members in my area then. Would be great to attend a future even when these resume. And thanks again for the welcome. Right-angle finderscope is definitely on my list, but not rushing it as I should have the Telrad today or tomorrow. The scope is stored in a dry shed so hopefully it will be fine. But as the board was slightly bent already, I may look at upgrading it in the near future.
  9. I've always used the web version, but since I got the telescope I decided to install the full desktop version. I managed to save my setup and eyepieces etc. Things that I unable to save and not sure whether I should be able to: - start in Windowed mode - fixed both settings and viewing bars bottom left corner - Object information - I set my 'Customised' options, but after relaunching the app they are lost_ - basic stuff like date format, start-up time (default to 10pm) - I think I can say that NONE of the Configuration [F2] settings save - Sky and viewing options window [F4] - NONE of the options changed here save between sessions The only thing that saves is .. my location. Am I missing a plugin, some sort of trick to save those, should I reinstall or does Stellarium simply not save these F2 and F4 settings between sessions?
  10. @NGC 1502I guess I need a range of 6-15mm eyepieces for different purposes and conditions. Which would be easy to get at a decent price as a Celestron kit, but I am then worried if I should try to get the smaller eyepieces as Wide Angle, or just not bother with that for now and get the Celestron kit? The Telrad will for now replace the awkward finder scope, but I'm planning on having both at the later stage. @Starwatcher2001That's a coll looking trucks I like a bit of DIY and as this will most likely be our telescope for life, I don't mind it looking a bit 'original'.
  11. From the limited amount of videos I've watched, it does look like a Telrad base. Actually bought one already on FB marketplace so will find out soon once it arrives. That finder scope I have right now will be going off. It's so awkward to use it's spoiling half of the fun.
  12. Thanks guys Nice to be in a group of people sharing the same hobby and learn!
  13. Thanks guys Yes I saw the 2" focuser and I guess I am wondering if 2" eyepieces offer more than 1.25"? I have a dillema about the focal length of the eyepiece I should get next. Obviously I want to see it as big as I can but don't want to go below the point where it all becomes a fuzzy mess. I've been recommended 6mm 66 degrees eyepiece for planetary viewing, but wondering if getting something like a standard FOV Celestron Zoom would be best for me newbie to see the difference in what I can see at different magnifications on my scope. Then again, I need to keep in mind that Zoom is slightly worse than 'fixed' focal eyepieces, and also wide angle lens should give me better view at that zoom? Of course I may be very wrong here as it's all new to me and I've only just began to learn about how the optics on telescopes work, so please feel free to set me straight I can get a Celestron kit of 5 lenses, 2x barlow and planetary filters for £90. Or I can get a Zoom (which being honest seems to me like a good idea) for maybe half of that price. Oh, and last night I pointed the 25mm piece at Saturn. Could see the rings very clearly, as well as Titan shining nearby. Can't wait for more magnification
  14. Thanks guys! @toshapetrijiare you a member of Swindon Stargazers? Looking to join a local group for meet-ups and to learn from more experienced observers once the pandemic calms down.
  15. Thanks! I'm giddy like a child just thinking about having another session with it tonight (if the weather holds up).
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