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  1. Thanks I just don’t know what first decent eye piece to get I’m kinda stuck lol
  2. Hi all are the Celestron X-Cel LX Series Eyepieces any good for my 250p sw Dobson ?
  3. Thanks John I will be investing in a new eye piece when I get paid still not sure which one I’m going to get yet lol there’s to many
  4. Hi all recently had my first go on the dob last night using the only eye piece I have atm which is a super 25Mm wide angle long eye relief pointed at Venus could see what looked be a bright tiny moon is that normal for that size of eye piece ?
  5. Lol unfortunately I live in area Surrounded by acres and acres of woods fields etc. the little village has around 20houses In a little cul-de-sac with no street lights I might be able to find a telegraph pole far enough to do it maybe ?
  6. Thanks yeah I collimated it yesterday watched a great simple video on YouTube as it came with a laser Tool manage to do it In a few minutes I do need to set the finder scope up properly Tho The Seben 8-24 zoom this sounds cheap and cheerful ?
  7. I do have a 2inch adapter but I think I’m gonna stick to the 1.25 lens atm as I’m new to astronomy and to all the equipment lol would it also be worth investing in some filters planetary,lunar ect I live in the cotswold in the middle of nowhere and get great clear skies a lot of the time Lol typical as soon as I purchased the telescope I haven’t been able to use it yet as it’s been cloudy the past couple of days
  8. Cool thanks I see a lot of 30-40 mm with high degrees on eBay what are these normally used for ?
  9. Thanks all I think I’m going to try the bst starguiders 12mm with the 2x Barlow for now would it be worth investing in a x3 Barlow ? And also maybe a dumb question lol I can only apologize is it the small the mm the greater the zoom ?
  10. Hi all I’m a newbie to all this and have just brought a skywatcher 250p Dobson but only have a 2x Barlow and a 25mm eye relief 1.25 lens I’m guessing it’s a standard one that came with it any suggestions on what kind of eye pieces sizes etc would be ideal for viewing planets only got it 2 days ago lol so I’m very new and don’t really want to spend to much on the wrong things
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