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  1. Brilliant. Thank you. I shall give that a go and report back. Thank you for all your help. Very clear and straight forward.
  2. Gotcha. This bit I've read about a lot. More confidence here. I'll make you a thank you card in that colour scheme.
  3. Extremely close now. I'll stop until you tell me what to do next.
  4. The secondary mirror is starting to turn as I turn the screw now. I'm trying to correct it.
  5. The 3 adjusters are all roughly the same depth. (Using a finger/thumb pinch allen key depth test. Getting closer.
  6. Yeah that worked. Gave it a small turn and it's definitely moved. Repeat?
  7. Yeah. Lefty Loosey. It doesn't feel like it wants to budge.
  8. I have blue and yellow card in the tube. The screw on the secondary is really tight? Feels like it will bend everything.
  9. I have tweaked it a bit since the last photo and currently have it like this.
  10. Hi Pixies. Thank you for your reply. I did indeed mean collimation cap, not cheshire. It's just a simple piece of cardboard to sit on the eyepiece hole. Nothing fancy. I believe it is as central as I could get it. I measured twice and cut once. I didn't want to go drilling a hole in the eyepiece cover just in case I'm sending this back. Here's the edited image you asked for and the original.
  11. Hi Guys & Gals. I seriously need some help. I got my second 130PDS a couple of weeks ago (first one came damaged, not sure of this one!) and the weather being what it is in the UK, haven't had much of a play with it. Having read loads of different info in on collimation, I'm now at the point where I'm more confused than when I started. In my amateur knowledge, I mistakenly used a laser collimator until I realised that that was drawing circles when I tried to collimate it. That is impossible to to get a centre beam and has quickly become an expensive toy for the cats. So today I made a simple collimation cap, (edited) (I've ordered a proper one today) just to have a look at what is going on in there and this is what I see. (see attached photo) Does this look anything near right? Every photo I see shows the secondary in the centre of the focuser and the primary filling the secondary. Mine how looks nothing like what I can see anywhere, hence my confusion. Last night I did a start focus test (See second photo) and the result was just plain strange and wonky. Nothing like I have seen or expected. Can someone please give me a bit of advice on where to go from here. Thanks in advance J Edit. Forgot to add. As things currently stand, I can get a pretty decent star in the centre of the image but all the other look like arrows pointing to the centre.
  12. Finally joined the club. Excited to get started.
  13. The threads in the centre of the dovetail bar (first picture) are definitely 1/4-20 UNC. I've used them to attach my camera to it. It's the bolts in the second image I'm concerned for. I'm not sure if they also are 1/4-20 UNC or M6. The holes at the end of the dovetail aren't threaded. I've emailed FLO, I'm sure they'll know the answer. Probably been asked a thousand times. I don't have the scope at hand to try any bolts as the Scope I received today is boxed up ready to go back. (Damaged item) I just want to get the bolts ready for when the replacement arrives so I can attach the second dovetail. Thanks for all the replies guys. Appreciated. If anyone knows the answer for sure, shout it out
  14. Hi Can someone tell me which bolts are needed to fit a second dovetail to the top of a Skywatcher 130PDS. I have a second dovetail which has 4 smaller Allen bolts in the ends but what size are the ones in the middle that attach the to the tube ring. From what I can fathom they are M6 bolts but I want to make sure I get the correct ones/size etc. Hope the image helps explain it. TIA
  15. I wasn't sure about it effecting the optical performance which is why I asked. I assume bigger dents would if they go in and obscure the mirror any. This is all new to me though, my first scope. At least it won't cost me anything except time. I can wait another week. I've been waiting over a month already to get one of these. Strangely, he did say that it was checked over by someone there before it was shipped to me. Maybe they didn't repackage it as good as Skywatcher did originally. The person I'm dealing with is going to personally check the next one before he ships it to me.
  16. Quick and easy couple of emails. A replacement is being sorted for me.
  17. Yeah it was. They got it on Monday, labelled it and sent it straight out to me. They've been really helpful in the past for me so hopefully it'll get sorted. A bit disappointing but I can't use it at the minute anyway with this rubbish weather.
  18. APM-Telescopes in Germany. I can't fault them, they've been great. Sadly, this left the Skywatcher factory looking like this. Further inspection found another dent under the dovetail. I've emailed the supplier now, see what the response is.
  19. Cheers guys. Replacement is what my initial feeling was.
  20. Hi all. I've just received my first scope in the post, a Skywatcher 130PDS. Excited and opening/unwrapping carefully, as you do. Get it all out in the open for inspection and there are two dents in the tube. Now, I'm a complete amateur and have no idea if these imperfections with have any impact on the workings of the scope, visually or photographically. I'm going to email the supplier but should I be looking for a replacement or, if this will be OK with a couple of minor dents, a partial refund. I've tried to photograph them as best as possible. Any advice/comments appreciated. Anthony
  21. Still loving reading through this thread and seeing all the fantastic images and info/advice. (Currently on page 95) I'll be joining the 130PDS appreciation society very soon. Managed to finally get one ordered today. Should be with me early next week.
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