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  1. Thanks mark i have an unmodded 550d just thought id ask see if any modded available before i attempt to mod but thanks for that cheers
  2. looking for a reasonably priced modded camera ,had a fall with mine last night and now looking for a replacement nothing too pricey wanting camera body batterys an charger if mine dont fit many thanks si
  3. so had a problem with collimation on my skywatcher 130pds ive got it roughly collimated i believe and im taking an image in apt to plate solve and its suddenly not plate solving would bad collimation cause this ? ive tried going to cappella and centering the star taking a picture and plate solving it and apt isnt working so iam at a loss at weather its my collimation way of or apt playing up any advice would be helpfull firt clear night in weeks any quick tips at a loss cheers
  4. Thanks but bought a camera now it's been a while cheers
  5. its early days a new scope so trying to get to grips with it and planetary imagings new to me also ,i will keep trying weather depending many thanks
  6. im findng with a barlow the screen goes black ,i havent had chance to get out and test the barlow with an eye piece yet but i did try out eye piece projectionwith dslr with a 20mm eye piece lastnight with better results i could find the target the telescopes im findng with a barlow the screen goes completly black and ive tried all different settings ,i have the TS-Optics 6" f/12 Classic Cassegrain many thanks
  7. iam thinking of getting a colour planatary imaging camera moving from dslr and i was wondering about eyepiece projection as ive had problems with barlow i have the eyepiece extentions and i have a mono guide cam ive tried to see if it will connect to one and im at a loss and wondering if anyone would know of any adapter i can ue to connect the ccd cam to eyepiece projecton adapter which normally has the dslr mount on that unscrews and i cant seem to find an adapter to connect the 2 so m42 to ccd any ideas many thanks
  8. i use the 130pds on an eq5 pro and tracks really well and id say just about right for dso imaging a good starting point and relitevly cheap to get going im sure the 200pds will also work but limited field of view
  9. trying to bag mars ,cant seem to get the barlow to work with the classic cass scope nor 5x zoom in eos movie record so not as sharp as id like but first attempt with the scope and dslr camera
  10. i found with modding my 650d i hadnt leveled the sensor chip on the camera when i did the mod i used a bahtinov mask and focused everytime for months and imaged away thinking i was doing ok until someone pointed out my stars were not sharp accross the image ,i re leveled the sensor on the camera and now stars are pin sharp just a thought the extra level of red will be from the mod and can be aligned in software after imaging bubble neula image when sensor was off odd looking stars and ngc 869 after leveling the sensor
  11. many thanks i will have a look into that cheers
  12. i use apt to plate solve ,and it dont plate solve planets i dont think unless i make a custom object havent tried this is just a new scope im trying to do planets with and apt isnt the best fr those i dont believe
  13. thanks for that reply im using an EQ5 pro eq goto mount and im hooked up to laptop so veiw on screen my thinking is i need better alignment of my finder scope with barlow in hopefully i can sort that next time out weather depending cheers
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