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  1. yes thanks allfor your replys and help i sorted it with the synscaninit 2 ,i was or i believe its because i had my Elevation was way off if not for synscaninit 2 id of been lost so great help i had a rough go aligning to stars and its now slewing in the right area turned it of for a few hours and had another try and all seems good ,so yes hopefully i can move onto the next step and enjoy it some but yes thanks for the help it was rather a confusing one but simple cheers
  2. Thanks all i think i have done it or should i say you have all helped do it ,i was trying to connect synscaninit1 that wouldnt work and then tried synscaninit2 like above pictures and inputted the details and it seems now to be slewing to the appropriate areas alot of frustration and a night of clear skys missed but i think its now in working order or i am hoping im more confident its heading in the right direction so many thanks to all hopefully now to test on clear skys many thanks again been a great help
  3. ive just had another go same problem its pointing toward oposite side ,yet when i check location on handset and star location they align ,its as if the motors are running the opposite way around running in the wrong direction anyway but still giving the correct coordinates ive also tried another battery pack no luck there something in the build just doesnt tally up its not that im inputting wrong ive checked that a 100 times
  4. thats the conclusion i got to lastnight is its going in the wrong direction the motors are turning the oposite way but then it telling me the moon wasnt in the sky either was another confusing thing to me the item is not right but i will try another power source an see how it turns out thanks
  5. yes thats how its setup i even spun it around and tried the wrong direction that kind of put me in a better position but still wrong iam lost with it i have to laugh now cause its beyond me im hoping the retailers come up with a sollution
  6. thanks but i do believe i went through those steps countless times and tried aligning with dubhe an deneb etc to only find whatever i was trying to align on it would slew to the oposite side align in the west id end up slewing east ,align east end up slewing west its acting as tho the motors are running in the oposite direction i will try another power source but ive little hope of that solving the issue thankyou
  7. thanks for the reply and well the scopes setup as it should now brought indoors sat in my living room until i can face it again it is frustrating and i dont believe im overlooking anything obvious and ive even tried things in the wrong direction just to see if that would help but to no joy ,the only thing that jumps to mind is if i turned the scope and pointed it to the ground it may go in the right direction or closer to the chosen star thats the confusing part and the worst part it being new so other than keep changing dates and location around theres little i think i can do i was kind of hoping someone maybe experienced the situation before and possibly yes im over looking the obvious i new getting back into astronamy would have me scratching my head again but well this ones got me haha thanks i will try not to give up cheers
  8. hi yes i was using those coordinates and time and date settings the scope surely shouldnt be going east instead of west anyway i know a little time and date difference wont help but iam sure i am getting it all correct i shall try again today but i doubt any change thanks
  9. ive tried the dates either way around and no change still slews in the wrong direction ,if i turned the scopeto the south and not the north it would possibly get close to its target i have little faith in it working i tried for 5 hours lastnight with all different sollutions to end up with the same problem and first clear night in weeks lost due to it but thanks
  10. hi and thanks iam inputing the data correctly polar aligning right i have owned telescopes in the past iam not a complete newb just been a few years since i last used iam using a brandnew skywatcher battery pack fully charged i would understand if it went sort of in the correct direction of the star but to the complete opisite side of the sky is confusing and frustrating i have also tried -00.00 hours and +00.00 hours also daylight savings ive tried on and off none of which is making any difference iam stumped and ive tried downloading synscaninit but it wont connect to gps it just gets locked in that part so of no use so yes iam a little confused and in alot of doubt about the mount its brand new making more upsetting ,but thanks all for replys
  11. hi thanks all i was polar aligned iam setting up as instructed ,yet on all attempts the scopes slewing to allign in the wrong direction ,ive updated the firmware just now still the same ive tried getting it to slew to the moon and its telling me its not above the horizon yet and its clearly in the sky and i will have a look at synscaninit not heard of that all new to me but never seen anything like this before ? confused with it thanks for your replys
  12. Hi all as title ive got a new EQ5 pro trying to get aligned a single star is impossible im setting align a simple star arcturus in the west and the mounts slewing of into the east complete oposite direction now am i over looking something simple here im startig out from home position aligned on polaris and well im frustrated hope someone could offer some idea thanks
  13. hi all so iam getting my kit together i will be using a skywatcher 130pds ,i have the Badddar coma corrector cameras i have the canon 450d with IR cut filter removed and ive a canon 650d unmoddified i was wondering will there be any filters i require or filters i may want to use imaging with these cameras many thanks
  14. si717

    hi all newbie

    thanks for the warm welcome all
  15. thanks all for the advise i will get it setup and take a look before anything there always seems to be something haha and dithering between frames sounds another thing to look into but thankyou
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