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  1. Assuming you mean the drop down is missing dark flats then that's the same as astroberry and is a little annoying. Fortunately I don't take fresh darks each session, so I can label the dark flats as darks without fear of getting mixed up!
  2. I have no sympathy - I spent a week on the Caledonian canal so I know the views more than make up for it!
  3. Really like target with a shorter focal length. May be the next thing I try - thanks!
  4. I'd pretty much given up a month or so ago, but after selling a spare OTA to a more enthusiastic summer imager, I thought I'd recapture my "have a go" spirit and decided to collect some subs over the recent clear nights. This was fraught with issues aside from the lack of darkness. My scope, having previously held collimation for months, was no long collimated. After some testing swapping spacers to a new OTA, I'd lost track of the correct coma corrector spacing. One night partway through the collection, the frame shifted by half a degree, but magically kept guiding. This is what I
  5. It's a bit expensive to try everything, so I haven't, but startools gets my vote. Everything it does, it seems to do well. It's probably not got as much going on as some of the other options but after a year I'm still learning. The addition of GPU processing has made a massive difference, and I like that's accessible to a newbie for as long as they need - 45 days sounds like loads but it took me far longer than that to go from first sub to first decent image (you may say I'm still trying!).
  6. I'm not sure there's any sure fire way to success, but it's worth bearing in mind that almost every scope in existence has been shipped at least once! It helps if you have the original packaging - infact, I'd keep OTA boxes for this very reason. It's impossible to pack it too well! Assume it will be dropped and ensure there is sufficient padding. Buy extra insurance only if the company insure glass/mirrors. Many companies exclude breakables from being eligible. Most issues I've experienced have been related to poorly packed items where the item is free to move inside th
  7. Sorry - can't find any info. I didn't actually realize this was an older edition. FLO state: My take is that this book is exactly what I needed when I was brand new. After a years worth of experience there wasn't a whole lot that was new, but I'm glad I bought it and read it just to make sure!
  8. Knocked a couple of quid off - I need to sell it before I spill coffee on it
  9. I found mine took a little adjustment to stop it slipping, but once I got it right, it's been fine. I use a focus motor that can move to absolute positions and I don't think there's been any appreciable slip in 6 months, based on the focus positions. I think it's common to drill a 3rd hole to ensure a tight grip on the camera, but otherwise I don't think there's much play. It's entirely possible I wouldn't notice though!
  10. For me this isn't based on any issue with EKOS or the Pi - just that because I work in the house (once aligned) I'd need to take a laptop outside anyway. For what I use it for - I cannot praise the Pi4 + EKOS highly enough. It's superb free software, and IMHO, preferable and easier to use than the Windows/ASCOM route.
  11. I tried to use my 130PDS to image the recent eclipse, but the cloud said no. However, in case anyone wonders about this, this was with cheap solar film on the front.
  12. I must admit that I sneak out with a Windows laptop + sharpcap for PA and then use a Pi4+Ekos for imaging. Only because I've got the Sharpcap routine down to a couple of minutes and it works. I find the VNC over wireless a little choppy, but I will have a go next time!
  13. Yeah, I finally got a video about 20 minutes after it'd gone!
  14. Yeah, leaning to giving up (near Notts). The met office app had the skies clearing at 10am, then 11am, then noon and now 1pm. Not to worry - I'll just have to make sure I make it to the next one!
  15. The met office forecast still has clearer skies as the morning goes on. I was able to see the sun for a brief moment but not long enough to align either, although it's now that I wish I had made a filter for my finder scope - it was easy enough to find the sun on my test run, when there was not a cloud in the sky!
  16. The forecast here is promising that I'll catch the last hour or so. Right now I don't even know where the sun is!
  17. Awesome, thanks @vlaiv - that's exactly what I was looking for. As I guessed, the barlowed F-ratio vs diffraction limited field size was just a misunderstanding on my part. Doing some comparisons will be relatively easy because I can do a full frame (of the 4/3 camera I have) in far fewer panels than the diffraction limited version.
  18. Realize I'm dragging up the distant past, so feel free to ignore! I'm considering some choices on scope/camera and came back to this thread - still working with Newtonians but one day I'll get a decent quality longer focal length refractor. I don't think my 60mm F6 APO refractor will be much use for lunar work I'm trying to work out how big a camera it's worth using for lunar imaging with a Newtonian and have two questions: - why does the the x2 barlow double the size of the diffraction limited field rather than quadruple it? Assuming a 2x barlow moves from F5 to 10, based on
  19. At least third hand, but in decent condition. Slight marking at the corners of the cover and 3 small areas of damage on the spine - should be visible on photos. £13 including UK P&P
  20. I had a practice on Saturday just incase it's not cloudy! 1. You should see some small sunspots (I assume they're long lived) and you may make out some granulation (I had to sharpen in Registax to see it) but to see the detail you're probably referring to requires dedicated equipment with a very narrow band pass 2. A filter may help improve seeing (e.g. red is less impacted by seeing) but afaik you can't simply use a glass filter to see the fine details in the sun. 3. I think people tend to use planetary techniques for the sun (record a video, stack the best
  21. I try not to worry about the weather - it's much easier to be optimistic when you know it's not that **you're** going to miss out, but most people will. I've taken the morning off work and assuming it's not going to rain I'll probably setup and cross my fingers. If the forecast is terrible I should be able to cancel the holiday.
  22. Hey, Just wondering if you happen to have a rough estimate of the weight of this, and if you happen to have sensible boxes - I'm happy to investigate courier options as I'm unlikely to make it down to the south anytime soon, but I've been looking for a 2nd scope/mount for visual use and this looks like it might fit the bill. Regards, Rob
  23. I think market forces still operate to some degree - when I've seen something listed here (or on ABS) at a bargainous price its usually snapped up very quickly. Generally 2/3 seems like a sensible starting price, although I'm much happier to buy a 10 year old OTA or mount for 2/3 of the new price than a 10 year old camera! Generally I don't think there's any shame in wanting to maximize how much you sell your gear for, so I'd always err on the side of asking for a little more and being willing to reduce the price if needed.
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