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  1. Just to check, does this fit a 2" focuser? FLO suggest that's the case, but just wanted to check there's not multiple models?
  2. A new (to me) camera forces me to revisit coma corrector spacing It looks like I need a 40mm T2 extension, but the coma corrector I'm using suggests +/- 2mm may be needed. I'd try a 40mm T2 extension or a variable extension that includes at least 2mm either side of 40mm. For example, https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-varilock-46-lockable-t-2-extension-tube.html Or a 40mm version of https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-t2-extension-tube.html
  3. Sorry, I'd just misread the ad. I'd like one of these but don't have £1000 spare, maybe next year!
  4. Yeah, on a second reading I agree! I also wondered how they'd gone up so much since earlier in the year!
  5. Do you have a price in mind?
  6. It's really hard to find side by side comparisons, so it's easy to just assume that quality is determined by price. At the slighter cheaper end, I had no issues with https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-filters/zwo-1-25inch-iruv-cut-filter.html I then moved to try a few CLS CCD filters. None have had any issues with bloated stars due to the camera mod. I did find the astronomik Canon clip in CLS CCD produces some reddish halos around very bright stars but I've seen that in other photo's with similar gear.
  7. Thanks. I thought these replaced the handset, but makes sense now.
  8. Sorry, meant the intermediate EQ6 then! I have the sysnscan handset etc, but it plugs in to the mount via a serial cable style d port, and these only seem to have the network style ports. Given the handsets are all compatible I assume this would probably work if I could plug it in.
  9. I think the answer is no, but do you know if this works with an older EQ6? I don't think there's any way to connect it to the serial port style connector.
  10. If you have either of these handsets for your EQ5 then the answer is no.
  11. Take photos of the damage and then check it works. Its really unlikely that the damage to the box you've shown has caused any issues with the product.
  12. I agree with your point if time and equipment/money weren't a consideration, but given that's not true for many people, I think these filters can be useful. The dual band filters effectively separate the Ha and OIII signal completely. The Bayer matrix is there regardless of the filter, so if you're imaging a target that is rich is Ha and OIII anyway, it's a very effective way of increasing SNR. I don't have numeric data to prove it, but anecdotally, I got a significantly better image of the Veil using a dual band filter from Bortle 5 skies compared to no filter. Whether it's worth trying to add SII to create a SHO palette I don't know - but I tend to think of the dual band filter (with a little tweaking of the data) as being a fast way to produce a HOO image. Going back to the original questions, at the very least, it seems sensible to use a CLS style filter with OSC cameras, although I don't know at what point they stop helping. Certainly helps SNR in Bortle 5.
  13. Yeah, this is the behavior I observe too. Last week CO was red whilst I imaging in clear skies. The met office reported clear skies. Anecdotally, CO got a lot worse for me around the time that the Dark Skies app stopped working for me on Android, but I doubt they'd hobble their own API.
  14. It's best to stop thinking of long term weather as something that can be predicted. It's a chaotic system and the best that forecasters can do is suggest the likelihood of various weather in the future. So maybe in 80% of their simulations it's clear, and so the app reports that it'll be clear. If it's cloudy, that doesn't mean they're wrong, it's just means that the less likely reality has come true. Short term forecasts should be a bit easier. I've actually found CO is massively pessimistic, and to be honest, I've assumed it must have a bug or bad data because it differs from other forecasts so dramatically. The met office forecast seems better, although it'd be nice if they split the cloud in to types.
  15. I got a slightly worse for wear/unmodded 550D on eBay for low £80's a few months back. I've generally found the asking price of listings here and on ABS for DSLRs a little optimistic, as you can generally get the bodies on eBay much cheaper.
  16. I already used Google cloud. I've found that it works very well if I mirror a folder on my desktop with the cloud, with syncing being done behind the scenes. Aside from any ethical concerns or technical constraints like slow internet, the cloud seems like an obvious and sensible choice.
  17. Not really adding a lot to this, but I have a couple of similar DSLRs and haven't seen that kind of gradient show up so I doubt it's camera related. But the #1 solution is to take flats. Whilst others will suggest more robust methods, I've found a piece of white paper across an old tablet screen, which us displaying a full screen white jpg, works wonders.
  18. I didn't get one yet, so would consider it. PM me with details of what's left, a price and location/postage options?
  19. All good questions - afraid a couple of them I had myself! I got in a bit of a mess with 2 wifi adapters but I never worked out all the quirks. Almost certainly not. So unless you need it back, I wouldn't worry about the fact you deleted it. Is it the case that you know the Pi is connected to the hotspot and you just can't VNC to it, or are you unsure whether it's connected to your WiFi hot spot? If it's the WiFi connection, I'd suggest booting it up attached to a monitor to see what it's connecting to. It will remember settings from boot to boot, so if you only have the hotspot setup then it that should be fine. If you have >1 connection configured the behavior appears to be that it sticks with whatever it finds first. This could be the culprit if you've also setup a 2nd WiFi connection on the astroberry and it's connect to that (e.g. your house WiFi is on the edge of range in your garden) - then your tablet is no longer on the same network. If it's VNC then you should able to get there via https://astroberry.local/ in a browser from a device on the same network. Not sure why astroberry has 2 ip addresses - where are you seeing this? You should always be able to SSH in to one of them (e.g. via https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/). You can always just start from a blank image if you're worried that something has been messed up.
  20. I assume you're using a stock Pi without any extra WiFi adapters? You should be able to connect via https://astroberry.local/ from the local network. I ran in to issues because I was trying to use a separate WiFi dongle to get a better range. The best solution I found was to get everything working in the house, and then rebooted a few times to make sure the same behavior happened each time. You can also try booting without the hotspot active to see what happens in that scenario.
  21. Just looking to get back what I paid for it, which I'm pretty sure was £83 on eBay a few months ago, and then whatever postage costs are on top of that. I didn't quite get around to doing what I meant to do today, so I'll probably list it midweek. Let me know if you're interested in the meantime.
  22. I have an unmodded 550D I was about to list (here or on ABS) if you're interested. Works well but the previous owner has managed to mangle the rubber hand grip so it's cosmetically a little poor, but planning on the price reflecting that. That wouldn't have been an issue for astro work, but sounds like you might want it for normal photos too? I bought it to mod it myself, but then bought one already modded instead.
  23. I don't use sharpcap with my DSLR, but I'm able to plate solve in different software with exposure times of a couple of seconds. Probably worth checking the ISO setting, or presuming you're using the Nikon ASCOM driver, probably worth checking if there's any advice there. I found BackYardEOS to work well for Canon's but I believe Nikon's are a little more fussy. That said, you can test out the software at any point and make sure you're good to go on the next clear night.
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