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  1. Hi, currently using Sharpcap for Live Stacking. Is there some way to plate solve and annotate the live stack with deep sky objects in view (same as upload to nova.astrometry.net)? Or is there another tool which captures, live stacks and and annotates all in one?
  2. I'm following your recommendation on an earlier reply: "Pulleys; 16 tooth & 48 tooth GT2 pulleys will give you a 3:1 ratio. " So I should put 3 for both GR1 values?
  3. Got some jumpers and cables on order, but in meantime trying the firmware load. Do these look like correct settings?
  4. Just had a read of this, that's a really well laid out guide and should make things easier. thanks for sharing that
  5. you will need some jumpers (2pin) connectors for the microstepping if not already have them they go underneath the the stepper drivers on the cnc3 driverboard. sorry can you be totally explicit, what do I need (can you send a link) Thanks @fozzybear
  6. Thanks I did see that. I just literally cut it off? Don't need to do anything else?
  7. Hi, time to get a decent dedicated camera. Based on my gear the 269c looks good and is preferred. I'm wanting the fan cooled due to price. Would also consider the 294c or 183c. Preferring Altair due to fan cooling but could consider other brand depending on price. Thanks!
  8. @Lens cap so all the electronic parts have arrived and i have a question. My Nema 17 motors have come with fairly short (30cm) cables with no connectors, just bare cables. Is this enough length, and do i need to buy a couple of Dupont 4 pin connectors?
  9. Yes its a tracking motor. Thanks for the explanation, and it makes sense. I think one person on the onstep page did an eq3-2 direct driven but looks like he used gears.
  10. Might be a dumb question but why use pulleys and belts and not connect the motors direct? I have a RA motor which just connects directly.
  11. Wemos and CNC boards have arrived, drivers and motors on their way. Going to get that working and will order pulleys after that, thanks for your help so far @Lens cap
  12. hi @Lens capi'm going to start buying up stuff based on your recommendations above, just have a couple of questions. Is any soldering needed? Also, what do you use to power your onstep?
  13. Looks very affordable. And I hear good things. I'm going to try the onstep route though as it seems not too hard and much cheaper.
  14. thanks so much, think I am actually going to do it. It might take a little time but I appreciate the support , cheers
  15. If you have an old rdf lying around with a dovetail you don't need then please let me know. Thanks
  16. Wanted:EQStar or SimpleDream eq3 or cheap goto kit for eq3-2. Basically I'm trying to upgrade a eq3-2 to a tracking mount, ideally with goto on the cheap. I know the Simple Dream has micro Goto and is quite low cost so would also work. Thanks
  17. Hi @lenscap I saw in another post that you have built your own onstep for eq3. I'm not that handy but now thinking about it, one of my friends teaches electronics, so could get some help. Would you mind sharing how you did your onstep please?
  18. Thanks @lenscap. Not too confident with the DIY thing but appreciate it's a good cheap way to go. Do you know if anyone sells pre-built versions of these? As for micro goto I realise its more push then goto. I do have a az-gti in eq mode. Would you happen to know what the x60 compares to on the 1-9 scale in synscan?
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