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  1. Hello SGLers Good progress with the tracking. Testing last night with push to / track and also full GOTO. We're now working on the interface with Skysafari and soon be able to send a couple of AZ100s out to the SGL testers for field (sky) trials. ATB Derek.
  2. Hello OMO, The first few saddles didn't have the tapped holes as we didn't envisage the alt adjuster at that time, otherwise the saddles are identical. All the D and the DV saddles now have the tapped holes. If you need to fit a alt adjuster or P+T handle at any time, drop the saddle back to us and I'll do the mod. BR Derek.
  3. Bit too early, but should be in a position to give a price indication approaching the trial stage. ATB Derek.
  4. Hi Steve, Hoping to have a kit working and ready for 'field trials' in about 5-6 months, but very much depends on the timing of the next national catastrophe / alien invasion/ meteor strike / ice age etc. Following trials, it could take several months of fine tuning before release, and of course CE and EMC certification. ATB Derek.
  5. Hi Steve, With the motor kit fitted it will retain the push to capability, this will be able to fitted to any AZ100, new or already supplied. Having encoders and DSC or Sky Safari, you'll be able to push-to 'some where near' and the motors will center and track the object. If you don't push-to the mount will simply goto. We're experimenting at the moment to determine if the max slew rate would sufficient for full goto. Derek.
  6. Hello Andrew, I'll speak with FLO for your address details and send a replacement clutch clamping knob tomorrow. We'll look into the packaging method, but that is the first instance we are aware of where damage has occurred. If you haven't already done so, could you also check that the worm extensions are running true. Thanks Derek.
  7. Hello All, Interesting reading about the issues and practicalities of tightening the saddle clamps. A few thoughts from me:- If spaces is really tight, the knob could be removed and use just a bolt. Either socket head type for allen key OR a hex head bolt and use an open ended spanner which would allow for access in a very narrow gap. Bit of a pain to clamp / un-clamp, but could at least allow a setup to be assembled. <blowing own trumpet alert> Possibly a worthwhile consideration when choosing saddles it may be useful to know that when using our Rowan D o
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