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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. So should it rotate freely or require some encouragement? I'm guessing the milk bottle top solution is to take the pressure off the teflon pads.
  2. Hi Folks, Just assembled a Skywatcher 250 dobsonian. Can anyone advise how freely the base should rotate (azimuth)? It feels a little stiff to me, but is that correct? Secondly, just for future reference, is it worth installing a lazy Susan bearing, if so is it difficult and where would I buy one!? Thanks for your help. BTW sorry if I've cursed the weather for the weekend!
  3. Thanks Alan, I'd read somewhere that it was 520, so good to know, thanks. Simon
  4. Hi Folks, Can anyone let me know the diameter of the Skywatcher 250 dobsonian base IS and how far the feet are set in away from the edge? Thanks for your help Simon
  5. Hi Folks, Can anyone let me know the diameter of the Skywatcher 250 dobsonian base is? Thanks for your help Simon
  6. OK, that's good to know, thanks. Does the tape work OK? What did you use as a pointer? The other thought I had was to stand the dob base on a metal disc and then use a magnet with a pointer attached. Sorry for all the questions.
  7. Thanks for your help. Just a thought, would it work, rather than aligning the base, fixing magnetic tape around the lower base, aligning the scope on a chosen star with known azimuth degree. Then fixing a metal pointer to the correct number? Rather than moving the base, move the pointer?
  8. Hi, Thanks for your reply. So with this method, I guess you have to keep tweaking the whole mount to align it? This may be a silly question, but will simply getting polaris in the finderscope be accurate enough for alignment? Thanks
  9. Hi Folks, Could someone help to cool my overheating brain? Thinking about adding setting circles to a 10" dob when I finally get one. I saw the idea in the attached picture but for the life of me can't get my head around how that would work. If the scale is attached to the rotating part of the base, how would you know what degree you are moving the scope to? Unless, the scope was aligned to North (but wouldn't this have to be true north? and then the scale was fixed so that 0 degrees was at the front and centre of the base. I guess the other alternative is to sit the whole base on another separate base with a rotating circle, so that you could align on a known star and then turn the dial to the correct degree. This would then give you a fixed point from which to navigate?? The first option seems much easier but, as I say, I can't figure it out. Also whilst we are on the subject where would one find a printable scale to fit a Skywatcher 10" dob base? Thanks folks
  10. Hi, Thanks. I'Thanks, let me think on it. I have another more local one to look at tomorrow. But will get back to you. Cheers S
  11. Hi Iceman, May be interested. If the location is right. In in Folkestone Kent, where are you located? Cheers Simon
  12. Hi Baz, Thanks! I guess that's why I couldn't find anything to do with a Wikey So in theory, this used in conjunction with a digital compass, would put you somewhere near the target if you roughly aligned the azimuth to North??? Cheers Simon
  13. Hi Guys, Sorry, back with another question. I've read a few older threads on here about using a Wikey to help with locating objects with a dobsonian. Please excuse my ignorance, what is a Wikey? I've googled and googled but can't find anything not even a seller of this mysterious device! Thanks for your help Simon
  14. Hi Folks, Quick question, does anyone have any experience with Astro-Fix Setting Circle System for Dobsonian Telescopes. Looks like a winner if it works. I'm thinking of using it in conjunction with Sky Safari 6pro. Any other suggestions greatly received. Thanks and clear skies Simon
  15. Definitely a love it or hate it topic with nothing in between. Interesting but doesn't help when wandering around in a confused telescope review induced state. BTW, for a 10" dobsonian, will I need a step up to reach the EP? I'm just under 6'
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