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  1. Hi Folks, I'm considering fitting the Rowan Belt kit to my Heq5 pro. The problem is that I own the older model which I believe poses something of a challenge compared to the newer version. Not being overly confident, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a fitting service. I appreciate that this may have to wait until restrictions lift here in the UK. On a separate note. How do people rate the upgrade, beyond curing the grinding noise and hopefully reducing backlash? Thanks Simon
  2. Thanks, that's great to hear. Still struggling to sync though. I've not progressed onto plate solving just yet.
  3. Hi Folks, Hoping someone can solve this for me. Presently setting up stellarium to run my set up. All drivers installed etc and mount responds to slewing command from Stellarium. Here's the problem. I select a star and the red target moves to the selected star, so far so good. Next I centre the star in the eye piece (not actually outside right now due to cloud). I thought the next part of the process was to press cntrl 3 to correct and misalignment and then continue to repeat the process for 3 stars until aligned. The issue is cntrl 3 doesn't do anything Any suggestions, greatly appreciated! Thanks Simon
  4. Hi, I unfortunately only have two of the same controllers. The default settings didn't work.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's correcti selected the action on the menu and then pressed the button that I wanted to assign it to on the controller
  6. Thanks for this. I watched the tutorial, really helpful and it almost worked. I have attached a photo of the hand controller I'm attempting to use. I followed the steps and can get the directional controls to work with the telescope orientation. Unfortunately I cannot assign any of the other buttons to other functions. I've tried two different controllers and two different laptops but no joy. Any thoughts??
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply and the helpful hints. I'm really not sure what plate solving actually is. But I'll look into it. Thanks Simon
  8. Hi Folks, Any suggestions for a powered usb hub that can be powered from a celestron power tank? I'm looking to run qhy guide camera, polemaster, dslr. Ideally looking for an affordable option. Thanks for your help Simon
  9. Hi Folks, Any suggestions for a powered usb hub that can be powered from a celestron power tank? I'm looking to run qhy guide camera, polemaster, dslr. Ideally looking for an affordable option. Thanks for your help Simon
  10. Hi Folks, So, I feel like I'm making progress. With my newly purchased polemaster, polar alignment is now good and I finally managed to capture something (see attached picture). I am now looking at getting my guide camera working through phd2 , controlling the mount through stellarium and the dslr through APT. The question is, am I about to embark upon a nightmare journey. Oh and I figured just to mix it up, I'd use a game controller to move the mount. I've read an awful lot on the individual programs, star alignment etc, but just not sure how to get all the software working together. Thanks for for your help. Simon
  11. Thanks for your reply. That's a really helpful document. Looks like I will need an additional adapter.
  12. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yep, I messaged FLO to see which adapter is needed. I have sooo many T daters any typically none of these fit!!
  13. Morning Folks, Well after a lovely frosty but CLEAR!!!! Night under the stars I thought to pick your collective brain. My set up consists of Skywatcher 130pds, Heq5 pro goto mount and Canon 60D DSLR. Last night I attempted some astrophotography however, using the Baader Planitarium Comma Corrector proved to be a problem. I couldn't get enough inward travel to bring the camera to focus. The comma corrector does break down into two sections but without the second section it will not screw into my T ring adapter. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've attached a few photos to help. Thanks for your help Simon
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