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  1. It is the 222 and a used version. Having looked at the link, I shall investigate further tomorrow.
  2. Thanks for that, I shall read it tomorrow. I do indeed mean Manfrotto. I have had an operation on my finger so I either touched the screen accidentally, resulting in that mishmashed word, or predictive text took over.
  3. I have just bought one of these having readers much people on the forum recommend them. However,the bullhead is very stiff. Can this be lubricated or “loosened” in any way? I do understand that there must be an element of stiffness, and I’ve never seen or used one before, but mine seems to be very stiff. Any and all advice will be most gratefully received.
  4. Nikon Aculon 7x50s, Celestron Skymaster 15x70s and Bresser 10x50s
  5. Problem solved. A mate has/had a pair of Bresser 10x50s and because he rarely used them, but still wanted some binos, he has swapped for my 10x50s. The Bresser haves trips mount.
  6. No chance of drilling/tapping the hinge end, I know my limitations! Thanks for the info, I think a measuring stick is required to ensure that the clearance is OK.
  7. Many thanks, buddy. The binos are Porro, so I shall be having a serious look at your suggestion I the morning.
  8. Thanks for that. Can you give me a steer about the options, please?
  9. One of my pairs of binos has a small cross-head screw at the end where my others have the large thread hole to take a tripod mount. Is there such a thing as a retrofit tripod mount screw hole that can be fitted where the small cross-head is?
  10. I am totally new to astronomy but had already decided to start with the moon. Well, why wouldn’t I? It is closer, bigger and much easier to see for starters. Then I found the Lunar 100 and I just love a challenge. Then came the operation on my hand, so I have to confine myself to reading about it until later this week when the bandages come off and the stitches come out, so I can then (all being well) actually hold and lift my binos and scope.
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