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  1. Thanks again for the replies, I think i have the eq mount version, as that’s what came with the scope. The tube rings look to be the way forward, i guess. Are these the things i need? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/skywatcher-telescope-tube-rings.html Not sure on the size, i have emailed FLO for guidance
  2. Thanks for the replies, will try to get some photos this weekend.
  3. Hi there I have got a Skywatcher Skymax 102 scope that i recently won on the bay. It’s a light blue coloured tube. I have also got a skywatcher A.Z. go to mount for it. The scope didn’t have a dovetail bar on it, so I have a small one I have fitted to it. The problem I have is that when i attached to scope to the goto mount the finder scope is underneath, due to the position of the mount on the scope. Am i doing something wrong? I look at pics on the internet and all seem to have the finder scope on top?? There is no way to do this with the way the holes are on the scope. I hope this makes sense Thanks in advance
  4. I have a tripod for my camera. It an ok one and will keep things steady. light pollution, well we are very close to centre of the largest town in Cambridgeshire so we may be a little light polluted
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I have signed up for the binocular sky monthly. Looking forward to getting the binoculars and for it to stop bloody raining!!
  6. Hi there. First post, so bound to make a wally of myself. I am just starting out and have got a pair of Asah Pentax 10x50 binos on the way from a well known auction site. I have also purchased the excellent discover the night sky through binoculars book. I really just want to see something to make me go “wow”. we live in St Neots on the Cambs beds border and will mainly be viewing from a very small garden north facing that has a lot of tall trees on the east side. So my questions to the class are, what can I expect to see? I really want to see a planet or two and the moon, obs. But is it realistic to see anything else? I was hoping to visit the local astronomical society yesterday but I’ll health has put pay to that. have I got a duff pair of binos? They didn’t cost much so it doesn’t matter, be brutal. thanks in advance. Phil
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