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  1. My EQ6-R has a 10" Quattro sitting on top and does a good job, sub arcsecond guiding for the most part. Notionally I'd say the guiding is a little worse when the wind picks up a bit, as you would expect, but I have no data to say how much worse. The quattro is f/4 so shorter than your average 10" newt but still a metre long. How long is the OTA you're considering? I must admit I hadn't considered moment until now, assuming that the net moment is effectively zero so long as the scope is well balanced. Wouldn't be the first time I'd made an incorrect assumption though!
  2. PM sent, have you any pics of yours? Anything of note about it's condition?
  3. PM Sent RE ATIK 314L+
  4. @kookoo_gr, @discardedastro, thanks for the input RE raspberry pi placement. always good to hear other opinions. I decided to do some baseline temperature readings with the pi in it's current home close to the ground and fairly well shielded from direct sunlight. Average temp ranged between ~ 60 - 70 degrees celsius throughout the course of a day with some spikes when load was applied. In this case the load was me performing some mount rotations via kstars /ekos/indi to balance the setup with my recently purchased clamp meter. Based on this I'd probably be reluctant to put it
  5. Good point about the counterweight @discardedastro I have a 10" Quattro under the cover there so that could be useful to me and I do love it when things can serve dual purpose. Having the pi close to the aperture might not be so bad from a thermal perspective and the heat might keep condensation off the secondary without the need for a dew strip. Food for thought. Still not sure about that position while it's under cover though, any ideas? Does our setup live permanently outdoors?
  6. @kookoo_gr I have thought about placing it all on the scope and have seen it done successfully but I'm not sure myself. It would definitely sort out any cable management issues but a couple of things have made me hesitate. The pi 4 runs quite hot and I'm worried that it might overheat if sat right under the covers, there's another plastic sheet that goes around the whole OTA, guidescope and DSLR in case the external cover fails, the Pi would definitely get toasty under there I'm also a little unsure about putting this mini heater directly on the OTA in case it introduces some the
  7. I spied this in the earlier post too and am planning something similar. I'm also taking nervous steps towards having my setup permanently outside though so might try to fashion some sort of housing for my hub and raspberry pi that attaches to the tripod legs or the accessory tray. Currently they live in an old recycling box that sits between the tripod legs, keeps them out of the weather ok but the cables snag occasionally having everything so close to ground.
  8. Hi Greg I was looking at the same clampmeter on amazon, just be careful though, the £22 one measures dc voltage but not dc current according to the description so not suitable. Easy to miss. Hope I got to you before you put your order in!
  9. @Waddensky great write up, that's what it's all about. What a fantastic cure for the stress of lockdown. So many brilliant reports and photos here, inspiring stuff! Forecast looking favorable a little north of me tonight so I'm going to head out to darker skies in the car. Route planned to avoid 11th July bonfires here in Northern Ireland and 8 months pregnant missus is onboard so that's the hard parts taken care of Now I just need the clouds to play ball! Good luck to everyone else trying again tonight!
  10. @tooth_dr Great shot, can really see the length of the tail, spectacular! What time was that at? I wasn't as lucky, caught a couple of fleeting glimpses in binos about 3:20 and again about an hour ago through the smallest of gaps in the clouds. Nothing of note on camera though.
  11. Hi @cnarayan and welcome! Your set up is almost identical to my own except I have recently purchased the 10" big brother to your 8" quattro so I can probably help you out. @KevS and @mikey2000 are right about collimation but once collimated my f4 scope seems to hold collimation fairly well so don't be put off. If you haven't got a cheshire eyepiece I would get one ASAP to make the job a lot easier. At the very least you should definitely get an ordinary eyepiece in there and check how things look to your eye before attaching the camera but as a long time observational astronomer I'd gue
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