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  1. After spending almost a year getting any sort of image out of my Solar Scout (needed a UV/IR filter), spent today getting this: I'm quite pleased with that. I honestly didnt expect to be getting proms or other events captured so soon). I left the stacking artifacts in, as I like the look .. YMMV 1000 frames, DSS, ASI290mm, ADC, Astronomik UV/IR L1 filter. Used Autostakkert and ImgPPG, then Gimp for colour (with tips from @michael.h.f.wilkinson's sticky here).
  2. So does everyone with one of these use an IR/UV filter, and wouldn’t even think to not use one... hence no “and don’t forget your IRUV filter”, or is there an issue with certain scopes and/or cameras?
  3. I have limited experience, but the scout seems good now I have the correct filter. The only thing I'm not too sure is the focus mechanism - which done by twisting the tube. I used a 1.25" filter next to the camera Joe
  4. Thanks, @Dflyboy, Today I got chance to fit the filter and it made night and day difference. This was with my ASI1600mm, not a great image but a start:
  5. Thanks for that info - I've just ordered one and we'll see if I get anywhere.
  6. Using the scout with my 1600mm, i needed a tilt adapter to get rid of newtons rings. I havent been able to get a clear image at all though, and have just been recommended the IR/UV cut filter - I've ordered one this morning to see. My advice would be to put the camera in the scope and see what you get...
  7. I tried visually, could see a reasonable sharp red disc, no features. My eyes aren’t too good so not absolutely sure on the level detail I’d be able to see..
  8. I’ve got a daystar solar scout 60DS, attached to a nexstar mount, with a 290mm camera. Then usb to Mac book pro running firecapture
  9. Thanks, I’ve tried both a 1600mm and a 290mm. Both at unity gain and both 8 or 16 bit, with the histogram 80-90% filled, no clipping. Cant seem to get the focus any tighter, and spent yesterday going through each setting on the tuning knob, waiting for green, then trying focus again. Question: how bad does seeing and transparency affect the image? Are there days when you can see just this? I’ve run out of things to try now, and am concerned I have a duff unit.
  10. Additional info: For the image, gain was 110, exposure 7ms Ive also tried an eyepiece and can see a red disc, the edges sharp, but cant make out any features (my eyes arent too good so not sure )
  11. Hi all, Still having problems getting anything out of my solar telescope: I can seem to focus, but just get a featureless disc (see below). I know the sun is dormant right now but expected to see something more than this. I have tried changing the power adapter (even using the original with a 110-220 converter) and changing the camera. Am I expecting too much and this is just the bad seeing/haze? Is it my focus that needs to be better? The image below is just a single frame, from firecapture, using a 290mm attached to the telescope. PS. Additional points for
  12. https://indilib.org/forum/ekos/3111-re-kstars-icon-missing-in-my-lxde-environment.html?start=0
  13. I had a similar problem when building it once.... then it was due to a missing icon/image package.. not sure if that’s any help or not...
  14. Here’s a tutorial from the kstars developer on using a Canon..
  15. It should work through KStars/Ekos (which uses INDI) Dont have a Dslr but procedure should be roughly: start kstars, go to ekos, setup your profile, and choose the correct driver for your camera there. ekos then deals with operating everything, including the Dslr in th eCamera tab (that’s a very rough/quick guide)
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