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  1. Very nice colours on the two stars...
  2. Thanks @daemon, EQ DIR cable arrived today and spent a few hours geting it working with KStars/Ekos. But looking good for the first clear night. The EQ Dir cable didnt like being plugged directly in my MacBookPro, but going through a USB3 Hub is just fine...
  3. IIRC, planetary nebula can be viewed from any direction as they are near spherical objects. As the star goes through a later stage of life, expanding into a red giant, it blows off it’s outer layer in a spherical shell. We see this as a ring: Our view through the centre passes through much less gas than one through the edge. I think they are emission objects, with the gas being excited by the light from the star at the centre... but I may be wrong on that... M57 was the first object I saw with my own eyes when I first got a telescope, I still remember the excitement it caused in me, quite unexpectedly..
  4. I did consider the AZ EQ6, but stabilised on the EQ6-R. Ordered from FLO and it arrived today... what a beast. Feels solid, easy to assemble, hard to move... Can't wait to get it into action... just the weather holding me up. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Looks like the eq6-r it is then... Thanks! (the CEM60 looks to be outside my budget, especially after adding a tripod)
  6. Hi, Just getting started on imaging, but been zooming around on my nexstar 6SE for 6 months now. bit of background: BSc in astrophysics, retired AI/software engineer, ex-photographer with experience in focus stacking for macro, had a cheapo refractor when 16 and used to drool over the SCT ads in the astronomy magazines - hence the nexstar Ive been doing the research, read Make Every Photon Count, etc and come up with a game plan: Ive got £5k sitting in a savings account as my Astro budget for the next 4 years. I plan to start with a GEQ, add the 6SE onto that, learn as much as I can, buy the next bit, rinse and repeat. I plan on controlling all this through kstars/ekos. Sound sensible? I aim to end up with the mount, refractor, guidance, focussing, filters, ccd, guide camera (also use this for planetary). The 6SE will end up back on nexstar mount for playing with by eye. Obviously I’m prepared for this to change as I learn (a lot) more. I cant seem to get past the first hurdle though. Ive settled down on a skywatcher mount. HEQ5, NEQ5, EQ6-R Pro... etc. But can’t figure which.. I reckon I’ve got £1500 to spend on the mount, should I just get the top one I can afford, or will this be overkill? Would an EQ5 at just over £500 be just as good for me for the next few years? I want to buy new, because warranty, beginner, etc, but also because I’m in far west Wales, and can only see used ones in excess of 5 hrs away... Now, I always remember the maxim: spend half the budget on the mount, but I guess it’s less with imaging given the extras needed? TL;DR: Which Sky-watcher Mount should I get? thanks joe
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