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  1. Hmm.. Im about to redo the old plumming in my house shortly. If anyone is up for used casted pipes. Its free to collect If you take em out. Would be a ”cracking” good pier! Hmm.. Now Ive got plans!
  2. Mild steel should be the best option for a permanent pier thingy. Absolutly best would be casted iron tube. But its a hassle to work with. And too expensive. If you are not going to move it around. Consider filling it with sand. It is easy to remove. If you need to move things around.
  3. That is going to be a great setup! What a feeling doing deep sky, with a nice warming fire going along beside. Though, as a Swede. Id add a wood burning sauna!
  4. I bought a Altair 178 recently. One of the decisions for me. Was the build quality. Both have the same sensor. But in my opinion, Altair has better build quality. That matters a lot to me. ZWO has many happy users. So I think you don't will be disappointed either.
  5. Hi! I have worked on both gliders (sailplanes) and sailboats. Normal gelcoat is hydroscopic/is porous. And not very UV resistant, even when produced with topcoat. Over time it will be degraded. There is several solutions to get it back to close to new finish. But no one will last better than it was new. Just cleaning gelcoat. 1. Use something to wash it as clean as possible. If there is mold ect. Add som WC cleaner in the solution. 2. Use citric acid to clean it. Google. There is a lot of boaters that do this. Or buy wheel/rim cleaner that is based on citric acid. (always ty on a small area first. 3. If happy with the result. Use some good car wax to protect it. But it will only last for a season. 4. If non of the above is satisfactory. Elbow grease and wet sanding is what is the next thing.. Start with 800 paper. Work you're way up tp 2000 paper. Then polish with quality polish and wax to protect it. This is the way to do it. Because you remove the old pourus gelcoat and reveals some fresh. Ofcoarse. If you have sufficient gelcoat layer. 5. what I would do if I had an old composite dome with gelcoat. In need of a refinish. Id sand it down a bit. Clean it well. And apply a hard paint. That would survive and look better in the long run. Epoxi or acrylic paint of good quality. Today when producing, or refinishing gliders. Acrylic paint is a popular option. Its harder to wetsand and polish to a super finish. But will last much, much longer then gelcoat. Today, gelcoat is still popular in manufacturing. Because its fairly cheap and easy to work with. (easy to sand and touchup) Hope I could help. Even though it is in "swenglish" spelling. P.S! Oh I forgot! Classic crome polish, like autosol is a good polish for old gelcoat. It has some citric acid in it. So there is a 2 in one product. spray a bit of water on the surface. A dab of autosol, and a good polishing rug.. Then let the elbowgrease do its wonders.. I use a buffing machine on my sailboat. also did it on my glider. Though it needs some practice! But if there is a lot of surface area to work on. A polishing machine is the way to do it.
  6. Wow! Very, very nice work! It just shows the you are a pro contractor. I hope you will enjoy this nice set up very soon!
  7. Hi! Just saw this on YT. Havent seen anything about it. But apparently they have planewave collaboration on this. I have to try the out. Since it also works with their wifi dongle. Anyone elese who have seen this, or tryed it out? Edit.. seems that it isnt that new.. I curious why I havent noticed this software. Since I have avx and the wifi dongle? Celestron software page has some work to do.. Its not very explanitory. Or easy to find.
  8. Thank you! I think I will place a order on a 32mm guidscope. Was hoping some one had hands on experience, and could say wich one is really good. Will place a order at one company with good reputation at least. Supplied with some direct questions first.
  9. You are absolutely right! When, I upgrade in future. Maby a used one In good condition. Or new.. We will see. But for sure. I will keep the Celestron as I will not get much for it at the used market anyway. And I will compare it. I think one of the big reasons, is that I would like one with compression rings. The original kit diagonal lacks a secure way of holding. Unless you tighten uncomfortable hard. Often with cold hands. Cheers!
  10. Thank you so much for the reply! That was an interesting white paper! It shows clearly, that you get what you pay for. And, seems to be a upper hand for prism. In long F numbers at least. Hm.. think a prism 1 1/2 should fit well. And, I have the celstron original pice that comes as a kit with the scope, works. But even docent gets on that list.. Thank for helping my knowledge forward!
  11. Continuing the noob blog like postings. Last night it was fairly clear again. So out with the rig. Don't have a polarscope. But aimed it carefully to the correct angles. Polaris was visible. But in my excitement to get going. Id started with a star alignment with the hand controller. The controller is almost unreadable with its lowrez. scrolling text. Was getting clearly frustrated after a while. Getting cold, scope was not getting close to get aligned. Sometimes the scope went 90´off, from a selected star. Backed and selected another star. And it got closer. But not close enough.. Standing in on the knees, freezing and looking in that original Celestron finderscope. Didn't add to the evenings experience. So I decided to just find a strong star and check collimation. Went well. Nice round star. Focus was more precise, and easier, with my "new" secondhand MicroTouch focus knob.. Hooked up the soggy old laptop with 2gig ram. Loaded cart du Ciel and got it connected to the scope. It moved around at the directions it got from cdc. Not aligned, but success to get it working! YES!! Fired up NINA, connected the camera. But couldn't find focus again. Fired up SharpCap, just to se if it was connecting to the cam. Yes, but no focus. Also started Altair cam software. But now I was getting to cold, tired and a bit frustrated. Instead I went for manual observing. Mounted all my eyepiece´s at once! (just owning one 40mm plössel at the moment ) Mercuris was up. But I realized it would be hard to find. But I tried. Moon was up, but was in half haze behind trees, houses ect. Looked at the clock.. hmm.. Hussled all the equipment back in the mancave. Went to bed 4am. Up to work and meet customers at 7am. Looks like there is going to be a fairly clear night again. I also decided that tiredness, is just a psychological phenomenon. So it will go away, if just ignored! Cheers! p.s Note to self 1.. I have to remember to run over the streetlight with the car, when the right opportunity shows up.. Note to self 2.. Astro equippment will never, ever be user-friendly! Get over it, and carry on! Note to self 3, Go shopping for a proper finderscope with a diagonal. Maby a polarscope? Oh yes!! And, or, maby a guidescope for polar finding ability? Not to self 4, be sneakier in the morning, don't wake the "government" aka, the wife. And absolutely not showing any astroshops on the Ipad!! Note to self 5. IM NOT TIRED!!! (just to be absolutely sure) Note to self 6. Remote operation from a warm mancave is a part of the future!
  12. Hi! Having a edge 8hd and avx mount. Wich I learned is close to max weight, (if not too much) if you want to use guiding with that combo. To save weight, Im thinking if a small Guidescope could be of any benefit? Or is it to be avoidable? Drawback is less aperture than ex. a 50-60mm Im going to set up Hyperstar in near future. So it will be used at f2. Was thinking to start with unguided, short exposure. But I realizing that I really dislike the Celestron handcontroller. So with a camera and guide cam. Polaraligment, plate solving. Seems to be much easier. cheers!
  13. Hi StevieO! I am a beginner, a noob, a popular expression today. Looking around for a guidescope. The same question poped up. Not sure what screws to use for a dovetail? So how did it work out for you?
  14. Hi! I have a Celestron edge 8hd. It came with original diagonal end a plössel 40mm. I really don't like the diagonal. The screws docent hold well, small screws that makes cold fingers hurt. ect. So, I'm planning to replace the original with a decent one. Adding more eyepieces, and Barlows that also can be used for planetary imaging. New or good used ones. Regarding diagonals. Is there a real benefit with 2", compared to 1 1/2"? Also, should one go for prism or mirror? Ive read that prism is better, but seems like mirrors is the most popular? Baader click lock would be nice. But is pricy, and im probably mostly going to do astrophoto. So I believe comprssionrings is what I will get. Eyepeces and barlows. Its a djungle of types...I do get viewing angles. But what do I get that is good, but in resonable money? I have slight astaganism (English spelling on that one? lol) But wearing glasses only sometimes. I imagine that eyepieces with "bigger" aperture can be helpful? I do fit a bit to get my eyes in focus in the 40mm plössel. . Hope someone can help me to focus, the light in the end of the barrel!
  15. I did install it the other night. Im a beginner, and trying to find my way around.. But I really like the layout and style, of the UI. Would be awesome if it could be OSX and linux support in the future!
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