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  1. I have the latest version. Works like a charm. And I like it. I had initial problems to. But was time and location settings (frustrating, but I had forgot daylight savings...) . Good polar alignment helps a lot, of coarse.
  2. Ah! Welcome! Have visited Edinburgh several times. Have a friend who lived in Dunfermline. But have now moved closer to Rosyth. Was visiting him in September. (will be many more times, I hope!) Remember trying to pronounce Inverkeithing, When buying a ticket from Edinburgh station. Ended up pointing on the map at the ticket office. LOL One cant help love Scotland!
  3. Beautiful set up! I still have a very short period of darkness. Not great, bit still time to fiddle and learn. Solarscope is going to help the ”itch”
  4. Cosy shop! And.. My eyes catch on the watchmakers lathe!
  5. Severe animal abuse going on overe here. Or as you say in UK. It`s raining cats and dogs!
  6. I can get between 60-120 ish. Unguided with my hyperstar/AVX set up. (not screaming with happiness of that.) Was going to upgrade to another mount. But got "fever". Due to nights is vanishing here. So I got a Solarscope to play with. During the summer months. Ive got the impression CGX is a fairly good mount. Ofcoarse not up to premium ones. But had that one, as a possible upgrade.
  7. Mmmm. 10 Micron, or ASA. Have that as one of my dream mounts. Just a tad expensive. I think if one gets that kind of quality mounts. Its hard to use anything less. Oh, did you try the CPWI software for Celestron mounts? My avx upped its performance with this! Oh, I can make a even trade with my avx! LOL
  8. To you with clear skies. Have fun! Have a very think, and very grey overcast here.. So tonight will be pizza and keyboard astronomer night!
  9. Grass. If there was green asphalt avalible. Id buy it in bulk! Kids is moving out. So soon, I cant force them to move the lawn. In other words, Ill son have to do the 2 houer tour my self.. Kids of today.
  10. The sun was out for a little while today. Didnt have the time.. I have to say, that the sun is very Intresting and fun! Very much looking forward to more timeon this! Im looking around for a barlow. Eyepice extender. Not really sure what is best for this set up. There is a adapter to get T threds to build on. An adjustable eyepiece would be fun to. Really liked observing the sun. But the cost ads up!
  11. Ty! Very nice! Fortunatly I have a largeformat printer. Hmm. Wallpaper or.. ? It very nicely made. So I going to have it on the wall, some how.
  12. Ok! Finally got something. Backfocus needs sorting. But.. Got an image! Fockus is not very good. Bur noticed I need to turn gain to maximum. Possible maby little lower when settings is more accurate. Did not have time to work the tuning knob. As the sun was going behind the trees for the evening.. Black patch in upper right corner. + some smudges from the lens. I think.. Here is a image. No processing. Other than saved to jpeg and sized down for the forum. Is it possible to process it, to something better? To be solved in hardware. Something to extend the camera further aft. This is close to not being able to stay in the draw tube. Read up about IR/Cut filter. Well, a good one seems to be used. There is one in front of the camera. But maby one should get something better? If, it is better?
  13. Ok, got a pic!! Jeez.. Just when the sun was to go behind the trees!! No edit. Dis regard the smudges up to the right. Also, the black patch is from the tree... But I cant believe you need to go to full gain! The reason I couldn't see anything ins SharpCap. Not very well focused.. Anyway. Very first light on solar anyway! (happy!)
  14. Clear skies! Trying to play with my daystar solar scout. Can not get the cam to find any, what so ever focus. Cam works. But only black frame.. Well, Intresting. Have seen the H-alfa light in my only eyepiece!
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