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  1. Thanks for your input. The Zoom and its 2,25x barlow sells for £235 as a bundle so chances are big I'm ordering that soon. Clear skies. /Ola
  2. Thanks for a quick reply. I'm leaning a bit towards the Hyperion zoom with its barlow. I really don't know what FL will be most useful to me yet so the zoom, or the Hyperion modular with the tuning rings could perhaps be a good start. The zoom is particularly of interest as it will come in handy basically forever when showing the telescope to family and friend as for some reason the first question is always "where is the zoom"
  3. Is there anything particular one should keep in mind when looking at eyepieces for mak/newts? I have the SW 190MN astrograph and the eyepieces I got when I bought it are all but rubbish. I am looking at a bunch of different models ranging from about 5-25 mm and perhaps 60-85 degrees fov. So nothing too extreme. More expensive EPs talk about "well corrected" but that is less of an issue with the mak/mewt, right? Regards /Ola
  4. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I have two DSLR camera adapters with T2 and 48 mm thread respectively and I need a 2" nose piece. The T2 nose piece I have is for refractors and too long for my mak/newt. The 48 mm is for filter drawer I think but that's in the future for me. I can pretty easily find a 2" nose piece for the T2 thread in the country but will have to order a 48 mm from abroad I think. Will there be a difference between the larger 48 mm and the smaller T2? I'm mainly thinking about vingetting. My camera is a Canon 1200D which has a crop sensor. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for your replies. It's been raining forever here and will for the upcoming week too so I haven't had a chance to try even a single location in my yard. Oh well, planning is fun too...
  6. Hi all, An odd question perhaps but for most of us we have to prioritize what part of the sky we will see the best from our backyards. I'm trying to figure out where to arrange a more permanent spot for setting up my AP rig and I have trees basically sorrunding my backyard. So, I need to prioritize which direction(s) will get better or worse views. Can one say that one direction is more important than another or is it better to aim for the darkest parts? My backyard has the following conditions, at 59 degrees north. Skies are pretty much too bright from May through August. North - Trees are lowest but street lamps and neighbors are closest. East - Darkest skies and 3rd highest trees. South - 2nd darkest skies and highest trees. West - Most light pollution and 2nd higest trees. Would e.g. setting up so I "sacrifice" West, which has the worst condition, be ok and I can just wait for targets to come into view? Or will there be DSOs that I will never be able to target? Thanks /Ola
  7. Thanks a million. It keeps crashing but at least I know where to look now. /Ola
  8. Hi all, Feeling a bit stupid now but what application do I use to control my DSLR in Astroberry? Specifically a Canon 1200D. "gphoto2 --auto-detect" finds the camera but how do I take preview photos for framing and then automate the photo session? Or is DSLR imaging solely for the Windows domain? Cheers /Ola
  9. Hi all, I'm playing around with the idea of a dobsonian equatorial platform and have been looking at a number of designs online. One thing I cannot find information on though is how the angles should be adjusted to the latitude. Does anyone here have plans for a platform where this is shown? Any plans with measurements would be highly appreciated. I could probably work everything out from pictures but it would be nice to not have to. Many thanks in advance. /Ola Stockholm, Sweden
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