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  1. I didn’t think that EQMOD worked over USB, but only via the handset port... but of course I may be wrong
  2. I think this is an excellent image, and well processed... I think it could be stretched a bit more as the background is very black, but not a criticism at all... :)
  3. Are the rings manufactured by skywatcher, as I had some from overseas once with a similar problem, they were about 2mm out of spec, I was trying to save money, and as we know that does not alway work, I ended up buying a popular named brand rings in the end, so in fact ended up wasting money...So lesson learned for me..
  4. But should you really need to on a new item, it seems to me that at at the prices of these scopes, everything should fit properly right off the bat, without the need for faffing about with bits of rubber of cork... just my opinion..
  5. Having your dew shield unbalance it, is not that bad, in fact a little bias in both directions may help...
  6. The EQ6 native mount has backlash in three places, two of them were between gears that you have now replaced with the belt drive, but one still remains that is between the worm and main crown gear, this will always have some play, as it the way they work and it’s impossible to remove it all, but it won’t be a few MM as mentioned, it should only be at most .5mm if adjusted well...
  7. @Peje you said it was an easy fix when the pulley was rubbing against the side of the case.... There is no way to fix that, other than replacing that cover BEFORE you put the lock ring back on, or you will have major issues, it has to be done in the correct order...
  8. Hold on a minute, you have it a bit wrong here you guys.... There is a black screw cap on both sides of the worm shaft, BUT only one lock screw on one side that is correct, the black cap on the other side should stay in place, as it acts as the correct spacer for the bearing, it keeps the bearing in the correct position so the pulley does not foul the case....that is how it works, if you remove that black cover the pulley and shaft will slide over and foul the side of the cast...
  9. I did mention this to you to try earlier in this thread...
  10. Well, I would not like to hazard a guess now, as I was sure it was the worm pulley....but if that is solid, and the motor pulley is impossible to remove, so also solid, and the belt tight....and the worm is properly engaged, then yes, re build and see what happens, it’s all you can do...
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