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  1. Thanks Kevin, by the whole suite, is that all the bits on: https://sourceforge.net/projects/eq-mod/files/ The download numbers suggest people only get the first two. I have them all but didnt install the PEC stuff yet, or the satellite tracker.. I'll stick it all on for good measure and see if that solves my woes... Cheers again for the adivce... Dave
  2. Hmmm, Thanks for the replies folks. I've still no progress... The USB port on the mount works fine when I use the Synscan app on the PC, so it must be capable of working, and it might follow that the hardware drivers are fine for windows. In device mangler, unplugging makes COM3 disappear. Alan, the baud is 9600 and all default settings for a serial connection. I have tried changing baud on EQMod, but none of the values work. I'll try that running as administrator stuff and see where that gets me... Cheerio, Dave
  3. Dear All, I have a new version of the SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 PRO. This has a USB-B port on the mount. II would ideally like to use it from a mac, however PC would be fine at this point. I cant seem to get the computer to see the mount from EQmod. I've downloaded and installed the motor controller driver (https://skywatcher.com/download/software/motor-control-firmware/) But I plug in, and I can see the mount on COM3 on the ControlPanel > Device Mangler > USB However, I cant see COM3 on anything else. EQMOD gives me a mount dialogue box, but in the com port I can
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