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  1. At end of January I placed my order to buy a mount directly from this supplier which is also the manufacture, so ordering was only per email. (I’m not living in UK so there are no online Shop selling this mount)
    Communication per Email was at the start generally easy and fast with acceptable language skills, I usually got a response within the next 24h. 
    Delivery time was expected to be after about 14 weeks (the mount includes the wedge which will be individually made for my cement pier, counterweights … etc).

     To take the order I was asked to transfer a 1900€, so did I.

    anyway hard communication has been started after I began  ask about the mount as we entered the week 13 , I was told the mount is almost ready and the the material for my wedge will be ordered now??? I was asked about the Paramentes of the wedge for my pier, which I already gave in Februar.


    So I gave the Paramentes again and was promised to be finished in the next 3 weeks. After about 20 days I asked again about the mount since I didn’t get any updates or information: I was told that everything is going as planned ,  I  don’t need to ask about it again and I have to read the E-Mails again.
    After this rude  email and with frustration I had waiting for the mount for almost 21 weeks I asked for a 2 weeks deadline, In which I get my mount, or in case of not delivering: get my money back. I was told that mount is almost ready ( same state one month ago) and the wedge is being made, but he refused to give me a deadline or even recognize a delay he has, also he said he will not respond to my emails till my mount will be ready. 
    based on that I told him to cancel the order and refund my money back.  
    he refused returning the refund back, I offered him to cut 450€ from deposit (to save the time and nerves )but he also refused telling me that I don’t have any ground to cancel my order.
    i started a legal process to get my refund back, it may take some time, but I will take my money back.
    i have all the text of mailing between us, in case my review may come in question. 
    my conclusion to never buy from this supplier, the web site doesn’t have any AGB or a clear return/refund  policy.
    Best regards,


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  2. 6 hours ago, tooth_dr said:

    Are you really being totally transparent about everything?

    Of course I’m being transparent, what Profit I’m getting if everyone believe this or not?. I summarized the mails, as they are. He wasn’t able to tell me when it’ll at least be finished just telling me he’s working on  parts and ordering some other. Then he get angry why I’m asking him every 2-3 weeks about updates of the mount… i have sold my current mount based on his promise (that was my fault because I believed him and all those excellent reports about his honesty in the internet), if I was able read such experience before ordering the mount I believe I would took other decision, at least not selling my current mount.. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

    Based on..?

    my story??  or should everyone agree to good things you tell us about MESU, but doubt the bad one you dont like? its funny how you become reasonable when someone talking about criticism to MESU, but everyone MUST accept  MESU as perfect...  

    It is not only the delay (i dont know why everyone focus on this).  

  4. 30 minutes ago, newbie alert said:

    Problem is not everyone is in agreement with you.. customer service...Lucas  went way above and beyond the norm went he found out that a component on the mount was faulty, so he traced the owners of the faulty batch, travelled to the owners houses and installed the new one... sorry but that's above what most would do, by a long chalk..

    Won't be catching any photons in 2 years, how long did you say you had it on order, thought you said Jan but Lucas told you that they was all sold so with delays it might be May..

    Your other reply I've no idea what you're talking about as don't make any sense to me ..

    So i end it there.. hope it sorts itself out

    just like Mesu... as i pushed him to corner he stepped out..... im  starting to doubt you are the same person looking how you defend him and taking that so personal... maybe not.. i dont know. 
    i replied to every phrase you wrote by order and you say you cant follow me... sorry i cant do more.  
    i read about that legend story Mesu did ten years ago, on another side i read other stories (which are more recent, some of them happen this year) and tells the opposite of that. I quete your comment before: you have to the hear the story from the other side.  

  5. 4 minutes ago, tomato said:

    There are historic and recent accounts of Lucas Mesu’s excellent after sales service on  the Sitech forum, so I guess folks will have to make their own minds up.

    What is not in doubt however, is the performance of the mount itself, so if that’s what you want and your budget isn’t open ended, your choices are somewhat limited.

    I was fortunate to be able to purchase mine through Modern Astronomy, which was entirely painless, and the mount has to date given 7 years of excellent service.

    I agree with you and as i mentioned it in my post, i based my decision on those positive Experiences. But i wasnt expecting this. 

  6. 1 hour ago, newbie alert said:


    He's obviously annoyed Lucas that much much for him not to respond to his emails( we all don't know what has been said, but obviously pushes a few buttons)

    I deal with supplying materials and this year hasn't been worth trying to trade..so I'm only fitting...we should have had a new price book in Sept and another in March to keep up with increases but so far it's June and still no pricebook.. 


    I have the whole mails and if the otherside denies this, i will Publish the Emails as they are. So no plays are playing here.
    I doubt only People like you causes delays like this and make no one care about costumer interests. Just take my 8K money and i will not bother you in the next two years... i'm not wondering you are defending him so much... 

  7. 1 hour ago, newbie alert said:

    We're 12 days into June..



    As i said before.... the he never mention it, he said it WILL BE POSSIBLE in May, i take middle of May as date... please dont keep telling me we are at 12 of June... 


    1 hour ago, newbie alert said:


    Maybe because of your deadlines and general attitude as you come across on here you've been put at the back of the que



    My deadline were made two day ago... its only one deadline... no pushes after it.... that why it called (again) a deadline. 


    1 hour ago, newbie alert said:


    We have no astro darkness only twilight, those photons won't stop travelling and still be there when you finally get a mount.. If you're that impatient maybe you picked the wrong hobbie... 



    i dont know whom you mean be (we). Anyway thanks a lot for this useful information, i didn't know that before. I thought i will never catch any photons after two years from now...  Why i just download some galaxy Pics and watch them instead of expending all this time and nerves? 

    1 hour ago, newbie alert said:

    venting your anger on here has solved what? 



    As i wrote over there... if you ever read it: its about my Experience buying from this Company/Person... to let the others know and help them in their decision. 





  8. 7 minutes ago, Tomatobro said:

    Unfortunately its just the opposite. And I recall didn't the folks at SiTec loose their homes and factory in the Californian wild fires late last year?

    Maybe it’s true and I totally understand it. What I don’t understand: why I get a promise that’s the mount will be ready in date if the controller factory already burned in fire? Why I don’t get the simple truth to be told? 

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  9. 2 hours ago, newbie alert said:

    Whatever the reason is it won't solve anything by venting on a social platform...

    And why do you think you need to give Lucas a deadline?

    Opening up a case with a lawyer just put his back up, harrasing him with emails certainly did as he's now refused to contact you back.. 

    The controllers aren't made in his home country, they need to be imported and cost a fortune

    You're painting a very ugly picture of yourself.. do you think you're the only customer in the world

    Hope he does refund you as I don't think you're the type of customer he needs..

    Buy a Trident.. then you will find out what waiting and unresponsive to emails is really like

    So you call it harassing when I  ask about  my order every 2-3 weeks AFTER the promised date??? I don’t know which standards you are used to. But it’s not supposed to be this way. I have worked hard to earn that money ( Maybe you didn’t so you don’t care if it’s one month or one year) and I wrote him in very polite style without any anger, but his responses were at the end the opposite , so I earn more than“ please don’t waste my time with your question about delivery “ (in doubt I have all emails ).

    and yes I need a deadline so I know at that date my mount will be ready or I’ll get my money back. That’s why there is a thing called deadline.. and he must accept it because he can’t give me anything else but weeks of waiting.

    The only thing we share is our hope that Lucas give my money back ( I seriously doubt it) . There are a lot of good high end manufactures , I guess I still feel much better buying a mount there after all this.

  10. 22 minutes ago, newbie alert said:

    So with regards to the skywatcher mounts I doubt that there was a realistic delivery date ever set... there was a flood of deliveries from Celestron,  ioptron, skywatcher etc lately to all outlets but I'm sure that most of it was sold so won't be much left if any for stock..

    Regarding the JTW,  yeah fully agree..and he's terrible with any updates on a fully upfront paid product

    But this is getting away from the subject of the mesu.. Lucus said that he needed to make 25 units and it will take longer than his normal 10 week turnaround( so a delay was anticipated) and possibly in May and now it's 12 days into June .. not really too much different is it... he's not making one unit at a time, it's made as a 25 unit batch and then assembled.. take it he's a one man band,and doesn't only just do mounts.. Just think it's better to work with him than just to jump on a social platform to air his frustration( which i think won't do him any favours)

    It's not a off the shelf massed produced product, it's a highly successful bespoke made product, made by 1 man..

    I  just answered Tooth_dr about the delivery date…

    but let me please explain the situation: comparing high end mount with middle class or low class one ( not only the performance but also the price and service) MESU comes according to its specification and price to AP and GM mounts. Most of  those mounts are not massively produced. 
    but as said before: it’s not only the delay, but also how I get the replies from him. 
    frustration, waiting and getting over all challenges is a part of our hoppy. But the way I’m treated hier is so unfair and unprofessional. 
    it’s my right ( and everyone also) to know when I can get my order and in case of delay to cancel it.  The Pandemie is 1,5 year old, so I really can’t see if it has anything to do with the delay. 

  11. 3 hours ago, tooth_dr said:

    If I'm reading this right (sorry it is hard to follow in places), you were told it would be with you at the end of May? It's now 12 days into June and you should have the mount in the next couple of weeks?  I dont think that is entirely unreasonable at all.  Given that this mount will give you a lifetime of service, it seems odd to be panicking over a few weeks, when it is the middle of the summer and there is not darkness worth talking about?  May be Mr Mesu is few up with the constant emails?

    He said it will be in May but he didn’t defined the date, I took the middle of it. But that’s  not the only point, as I mentioned above: the way he tells me how my order being late and reason are not logical. 

  12. 1 hour ago, bottletopburly said:

    That’s poor service, looking on modern astronomy they’re taking deposits for a batch of 200e mounts due July , hopefully you get your money back soon, they say a company is only as good as it’s service and this doesn’t read well does it .

    I hope so, now it’ll cost me time and nerves, which I could invest in very good things. 

    1 hour ago, PeterCPC said:

    Customer Care again - you are the customer and they don't care.

  13. Hi everyone,

    i want to share my sad long story with ordering the MESU mount to not let you fall in and to warn anyone planning to order it from MESU:

     I ordered this mount based on its given„fantastic“ specification und a relativ lower Preis comparing to other high end mounts, considering also all good reputation wrote by people who bought this mount or came in contact with Lucas Mesu.

     I ordered it at end of January: at that time i was told all the mounts are sold and he’s  going to make a new 25 serie and assured me I’m the first one who will receive it, but it’ll take longer than 10 weeks he usually give. According to his words it will be possible to be finished in May. So I accepted the deal and ordered it with the wedge and counterweights.

    now it’s almost middle of Juni and almost half year after ordering: but it seems the  order not to be finished. Mailing MESU about it from the end of April. I realized after just 5-6 E-Mail his style of answering and also how unprofessional he is: he never answered my question directly and gives me reasons I really can’t follow, which are sometimes not logical to me and of course sometimes I felt I had to apologies because I wrote him emails asking about my delayed order.

     and I’ll try to summary it here:

    -April: (asked him after I saw people getting their mounts before me): he told me all parts for the mount are ordered and it will take few weeks to be finished.

    -after three weeks: he asked me about the parameters of my pier to make the wedge ( which I already gave him 3 months ago) and he tells me the mount is ready just the wedge.

    -2 weeks later I asked him again about the delivery:  now he tells me he is waiting for the material for the wedge to be delivered , after it he will order the material for coating and it takes another week and he is waiting also for controller which appears not to be there, despite he told be the mount is ready( let me mention his first email where he said everything is ordered)

    - another 2 weeks of waiting: he tells me everything goes as planned 😂😂 ( I couldn’t resist the smilies despite the sad story), asking him about which Plan he means because I was lost: he tells me to read the E-Mails because I’m wasting his time, which he needs to finish my wedge ( the wedge supposed to be finished according to his given plan 2 weeks ago). 
    after so much frustration I told him his plan will be finished in 1 week, so I’ll give him 2 weeks to send me the order, in it’ll not be finished until then, I want to step back and cancel it, I based my decision according to the emails he wrote me( delay of the order more than 6 weeks upon given date and giving him a deadline ). 
    the answer was I don’t have the right to cancel my order, and he’ll stop answering my emails until the mount will be finished ( he didn’t give me any date or deadline). After this I decided to  avoid  the pain, more angry emails and I went to my lawyer to open a case (the good thing the insurance will cover it). 
    Unfortunately this is my story, I wish I could go back in time and undo this order, slap my self to do such stupid idea but it’s not possible. 

    I know there are people in forums swear by Mesu mounts and talks how very good is he, my order was based on those reports. But I didn’t  feel that, I’m wondering how it’ll be for after sale service..

    My advice is to step back and order something else, maybe a bit expensive, but you know it’ll come at the given date, the company will apology for delay, will never tell to stop wasting their time.

     I’ll update when something new comes.

     Clear skies,

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  14. 7 hours ago, Neil27 said:

    The maximum payload is noted as 100kg on Mesus own website, so you will be mounting under half its maximum tolerance, well within its parameters when balanced well. Slippage can occur if not balanced correctly.

    I can’t speak from experience as I haven’t received my mount yet, (due this weekend fingers crossed). However I have spoken to several members on here, one of which is @Skipper Billy whom was very helpful.

    Oh great! So you’re receiving it this weekend! 

     how long have you been waiting for it? 
    Best regards,

  15. Hi Everyone, 

    can anyone tell me the actual payload of the MKII is for Astrophotgraphy? i know it all depends on OTA length and etc... i just want to know it limits, i planing to use an 16 inch RC telescope  on it. its length is about 1100cm, FL 3250mm, weight with Equipments is about 40kg. What im considering is some reports about the Slippage of the friction drive. Does anyone have an Experience with such heavy load or very long focal length?   

    Clear Skies,

  16. On 26/02/2021 at 11:57, old_eyes said:

    Hi OJ87.

    I had problems with the Mesu meridian flip at the beginning. Mostly due to me not having a clear picture in my mind about how the Sitech controller on the eMesu 200 works.

    From a post I put  on the Mesu-Mount group chat:

    "The SiTech controller has two important settings - the meridian limit and the track past meridian overlap.

    If you are tracking an object as it crosses the meridian, the mount will continue until it reaches the sum of the meridian limit and the track past meridian overlap. It will then stop.

    If your session management software tries to execute a meridian flip before crossing the meridian limit, the mount is within its safe space and the Go To instruction does not trigger a flip. If you wait until the mount has exceeded limit plus overlap the mount will be stopped for safety reasons and won't flip.

    You have to execute the flip Go To in the gap between the meridian limit and meridian limit plus overlap.

    Took me a while to understand it. I reduced the meridian limit to 1 degree, increased the overlap to 5 degrees, and adjusted the minutes past meridian setting in Voyager to land in the gap even if a new exposure had just started as it reached the meridian limit. It now works as expected.

    The SkyView tool in SiTech.exe helped me to visualise what is going on and Jose, another Mesu owner pointed out where I was going wrong."

    Once I understood the meridian flip instruction MUST happen between Meridian Limit and Track Past Meridian Overlap. Everything worked well. 

    I have now had several meridian flips under the control of both NINA and Voyager (I don't use SGP). Everything seems stable and OK. If I wanted to do very long exposures (my limit is usually 300 sec), I would need to create a bigger gap between the two limits to allow for an exposure that started just before the mount passed the meridian.

    You will like the mount once you have understood how the controller works. It's great.


    Thank you old_eyes for the information,

    i would like to join the MESU group chat. How can I join it?

     Best regards,


  17. Hi everyone,

     I’m updating my equipment and heading to long focal imaging >2800mm . I got a an ASI 183 with a very good price and I need a a large OAG prism to get its chip covered. I have a RC Teleskop with a lot of backfocus, so the Long of the Body doesn’t matter. I’m planning to APS-C chip camera on the other end. 
    I have considered the Celestron OAG Delux, but still doesn’t cover it all, but it’s the only one I found. I would appreciate your help.

     Clear Skies,


  18. 15 hours ago, MKHACHFE said:

    Other than it being a bit too red in my opinion, fantastic work mate. You captured some lovely detail. That's all I can say. Nice job. 


    How did you find the processing? I did my first M33 about 2 months ago and it took me a couple of weeks to finally nail the processing. I found it very challenging to coax the galaxy out of the stack



    Thanks for your kind compliments,

    i can't say it was easy, but i don't know if it was because of lack of my experience or the complexity of PI. I had to re-do it twice from point zero because stretching out the fine details was very hard and always gave me a rainbow colors around the Galaxy. i used DBE instead of ABE to eliminate the problem.

    clear skies!


  19. On 20/01/2021 at 18:11, MartinB said:

    Fantastic detail in the image.  If you are redoing in PI have a look at "photometric colour calibration" it is very clever and should be perfect for this.  You could also back off a little on the initial stretch.

    Thanks for the advice Martin, i will try it

  20. 4 hours ago, ultranova said:

    That's up close and and personal,

    Liking the detail very much, the only criticism is the color,

    Every thing has a mauve type cast, not sure what would be causing it .

    Hope you don't mind I hade a very quick play in PI  and come up with this 

    photo. but because it has already been streched I couldn't do a lot more to it.

    I would run it through your software again and have another play,

    It looks like you have some nice data there.

    well done 



    Thanks Paul, 

    The Color was actually my issue, you did magic to the pic, looks pretty good now. 
    i dont know if that counts: i had to delete a lot of R and G channel (clouds and Dew issue on my secondary), Blue was about 30% more of the R and G. 
    I will try and give it a second shot in PI. 

    best regards,

  21. Hi Everyone, 

    I'm an owner of this monster since 2019. Unfortunately  last month the mount wouldn't turn on: i used to run it through an AC-Adapter, which was for sure working. When i tried to turn it on i could hear the usual ''Click'' sound,but the red led wasn't working and i couldn't connect the mount to  PC. After all i send it back , as it was still in warranty-time (2 years). after about one month i get it back working perfectly. 
    The Manufacture didn't cleared why did it happend, but i assume the problem was in the Mainboard. 

    i just wanted to let you know, if someone face this problem. 

    clear skies!

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