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  1. rhw1967

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Thanks Gary, have sent you a PM
  2. rhw1967

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Yes, am still looking for one I think.. someone else messaged me and hasn't got back since. How much are you looking for and could you post (or pm) me pictures please? Thanks
  3. rhw1967

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher mounts wanted. Let me know if you have this for sale. Thanks
  4. rhw1967

    a truss dob?

    I have one of those adjustable chairs, which I find useful.. no issues at all. Really cannot recommend the Dob highly enough.
  5. rhw1967

    a truss dob?

    I was the same, and finally got a 10" truss GOTO Dob.. and never regretted it.. LOVE it, and very easy to use. I am just an "observer" though, do not image at all. But this is perfect and has helped me fall in love with the hobby DOUG - may I ask what kit you use to collimate and where did you find the best advice form ? Cheers
  6. Sold mine as upgraded to a bigger DOB.
  7. rhw1967

    A new Dob owner

    Perfect.. thank you so much, am going to grab one. Much appreciated. My Missus cannot complain about 50 quid but if she does I'm going to tell her you said I HAD to have it
  8. rhw1967

    A new Dob owner

    Thanks. Yep, I think that's a good shout. Get a 32mm lower priced EP for now and keep my eyes wide at the second hand market to see what comes up. Will have a look for that one. It's OOS in that link but will check around. Cheers
  9. rhw1967

    A new Dob owner

    Awesome attitude.... She can only kill me once
  10. rhw1967

    Which Telescope?

    Just to throw a bit of a spanner in the works, you can purchase a Dob with GOTO.. however it does push up the cost.
  11. rhw1967

    A new Dob owner

    Yep have been looking at the 2nd hand market, some good deals to be found if you're quick I think. That 2" ES you have is lovely, I googled it and showed my partner, she just said "How much ?"... hahahahaha Kidding apart though I will see what I can find 2nd hand. I got my Baader Mark IV Zoom with the Barlow for 125 which I was amazed at. Brand new with no box. I was just expecting the zoom and figured that was a bargain, but was shocked and delighted when I received it and it also had the Barlow with it.
  12. rhw1967

    A new Dob owner

    I think, as advised, am not going to go all out looking for extras and more stuff. Have a couple of filters now in mind (UHC and OIII) and also a 2" 32mm EP. Is there a 32mm 2" EP that anyone recommends that's decent and also not going to cost me the earth ? Thanks
  13. rhw1967

    A new Dob owner

    Thank you all very much for your words and advice, much appreciated. Forgot to mention that I have purchased a couple of books, "Turn Left At Orion" and "Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas" (Not so pocket though as it's the jumbo edition ) and also a David Chandler Planisphere. All I need now is for the clouds to go away and the rain to stop and I will be set
  14. So, having ummed and arghed for quite a while, I went ahead and purchased a Dobsonian. It's the 250PX FlexTube GOTO, so giving me the best of both worlds as it includes Freedom Find allowing me to look at and learn the sky manually. I really really love this telescope, it's amazing. Now, this took up most of my budget (ok, it took it all but what the girlfriend doesn't know cannot hurt her... hahahaha). But am wondering if anyone can recommend any accessories ? I already have the eye pieces that came with the telescope plus a Hyperion Baader Mark IV Zoom with the Barlow, I have ordered a Light Shroud, a collimator, a Telrad and one of these power banks (recommended to me by someone in another forum that uses it) ...... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00YP823NA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=mw-website-21&linkId=cc4954d254b7b8afe54f02cc96a47acd Can any Dob owners or people with experience give me a little advice as to anything else? Perhaps a couple of filters (cannot by a massive range yet due to my partner killing me if/when she sees how much I have spent ) I would need, and a 32mm 2" eyepiece with a decent FOV (am told at my age, 51, that I need a decent FOV ) that isn't going to cost me a small fortune. Anything else or any other advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Richard
  15. johnnyp which one did you end up getting and why ? Just asking as have an interest in the ed80 pro myself

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