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  1. Still available, price reduction, as well as willing to trade for quality EPs also would consider a small portable APO. Cheers.
  2. rhw1967

    Hi from a newbie

    Hi and welcome. Some wonderful people around here, am sure you will have an awesome time. Clear skies. Richard
  3. rhw1967

    WO Lomo 80/480

    Interestingly enough, have just been offered one of these. So would be very interested to read any replies. Funnily enough it was described to me as "rare and sought after" too Googling around doesn't seem to yield too much info sadly.
  4. rhw1967

    Anyone Else Rolling the Dice.

    Cloudy here all day in North Wales, however will be up until 3AM watching the NFL games, so will certainly stay up then and see how conditions are
  5. Oh yes, have been having a little look at them. Me, I have no issue spending the money, sadly it's the wrath of the Mrs that I have to watch out for Have been having a look around at the second hand market and have a few nice EPs ( Four ES 82 degree EPs, Baader IV Zoom, Vixen HR 2.4 mm) but am certainly going to keep my eyes open for any TV EPs that pop up. What I will do, when the Mrs gives me grief about money spent on a second hand TV EP, I'll point out to her how much they WOULD have cost brand new, and that I'm saving money.. that's SURE to work !!! That's the rationale she uses me when she blows the credit card in sales.. haha Cheers Richard
  6. Thanks for all the thoughts, suggestions and advice guys, I really appreciate it. I went for the 2" Tele Vue with 1.25" adapter
  7. Now taken by AdeKing.. cheers all
  8. Haha.. it's amazing how those little comas can make all the difference...
  9. Morning all. I have a Bahtinov Mask for a 120ED if anyone wants it. Never been used... FREE, just don't have it to re-sell. Cheers Richard
  10. MikeDNight ? Don't know, just guessing.
  11. Starguider now sold, Bahtinov still for sale... reduced to £10.00 Cheers
  12. Mine has expensive hobbies too.. example she purchased a special edition Mont Blanc pen plus the special edition case just to do crosswords !!!???!!! However, as normal, different rules apply when it comes to me buying Astronomy stuff All kidding aside am always upfront with my spends, I just have to prepare myself for her wrath when I tell her about my purchases... haha
  13. And just to confirm guys, I tell my partner that these cost £25.00, right ?

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