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  1. If there is any serious interest would take offers and do a quick sale. The scope on its own I paid 650 for, but for a serious buyer would take less for the whole package. Pick up, however, remains in North Wales
  2. ES 4.7mm EP now sold. Diagonal and Panaview still for sale.
  3. Here for sale is a stunning Stellarvue SV 102 ED Apo Refractor set-up. The Stellarvue SV 102ED has received incredible reviews, their quality control is legendary. The refractor itself is a very recent purchase from an amazing seller, and am sad to be selling it. However am in the process of purchasing an amazing TAK Frac, so sadly SWMBO obeyed has decided this must go (Luckily have convinced her my lovely DOB is a different kind of animal and has to stay ) EVERYTHING is either new or in mint condition. Price £750.00 (This is also advertised elsewhere and at a higher
  4. William Optics Dura-Bright 2" Dielectric Diagonal (with 1.25" Adapter). Boxed in mint condition. - SOLD Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82 degree FOV eyepiece. Boxed with both endcaps, mint condition. 1.25" - SOLD Panaview SWA 32mm 70 degree FOV eyepiece. Boxed with both endcaps, brand new. 2" £50.00 **NOTE** Will do the Diagonal and Panaview for £130 if purchased together. Celestron LENSPEN. Brand new and sealed with Baader Optical Wonder Cleaning Fluid. Brand new and Baader Optical Wonder Cloth. Brand new - SOLD Any questions please don't hesitate t
  5. Sadly SWMBO does not share your opinion
  6. It's certainly the mount that makes it in my opinion. I think Mike needs to set up a sideline pimping up and customizing scopes / mounts / tripods ? My OCD is now screaming to me that I need to spray my mount and pillar duck egg blue too, with perhaps a matching finderscope on the Stellarview as well ????
  7. My simple set up. Mount courtesy of Mike (special edition custom paint job) Excuse the mess in my home office / mancave, we've not long moved in ?
  8. @Brushman... This is the WiFi adapter I mentioned... Seriously seriously good price John has it at too.. in Derby so close by to you.
  9. Nearly grabbed one of these for my Apo, however decided it just didn't look "right" on there Heard only good things about it though, and never seen a post about it's quality until now.
  10. I messaged Nick Smith from AA about the new Ascent 102ED (f7 and f11).. his quote was when I asked, "Don't worry, we only use good glass, you can trust the product", I also asked Ed Harrison and his reply was "The supplier hasn't disclosed what kind of glass", so I would assume it's not FPL-53. Not that that makes it bad or anything, just letting you know what I found out. Haven't seen any reviews yet for them either. They will be in Kettering, so my advice would be go and check them out. Nick confirmed they'd have the Ascent 102ED there.
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