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  1. Hi, What software or apps do you use to help you get around the night sky easier? Currently I might use starmap on my phone to help me when I'm out observing and I recently downloaded sterllarium, but I'm still getting to grips with it. Thanks, Shaan
  2. I was thinking about getting a travel scope for an upcoming holiday in Majorca. But, I had some concerns, mainly that I would be in a boat travelling between different islands, alcove and bays and I might find the rocking of the ocean too much. Any experience with observing on the waves?
  3. 5haan_A

    Thank you all

    Thanks Stephan. Great advice there. I will definitely make it a priority to invest in a chair. I can see it will definitely help keep me patient on those long nights searching.
  4. 5haan_A

    Thank you all

    Cheers Stu. It would be great to get a bit more info on number 2. Is there some kind of formula or a good article that explains that in a bit more detail? Haha, Im guessing Hull?
  5. 5haan_A

    Thank you all

    Hello, 2 months ago I had no idea what was what in the night sky. Today I still don't really know what's what up there but I really would love to know more. I bought a telescope about a month ago, a dob, and since managing to catch a glimpse of Saturn on one of my first nights out I was completely hooked. Now I can't wait to see more and more up there. I never thought I would join a forum, let alone a stargazing one, but I have found the community here so good and the resources in the threads so useful in terms of learning that I felt compelled to be part of this great place. So thanks to you all for making this place great. I look forward to being able to contribute in whatever small way a complete novice like me can, and I look even more forward to pestering you for help. A little bit about me, I'm a Yorkshireman, 27 years old, live near Leeds and work in a fintech company. I have loved looking up at the sky since I can remember but have only recently got in to the proper stuff. It would be great if you could share 3 things that you know now that you wish you known when you first started? Thanks, Shaan
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