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  1. These are great pictures. Putting things in perspective really give them the WOW factor. The quality is far less important IMO.
  2. I've often thought, I bet my cat looks up and thinks "That's so pretty!"
  3. Steve, If you can guarantee, without doubt, that you can be in Weybridge at 11am Saturday, it's yours. You'll probably need a hatchback with the seats down to get it in.
  4. It's still available. The odds have increased for steviebee.
  5. Now gone to a happy home In its wooden crate. Not been used for years. It was my first real telescope. Great Soviet tech with a decent mirror. Can't be arsed with fleebay though. Just collect it immediately or it goes to the charity shop at the end of the week. Whoever can say that they can collect it, the earliest, gets it. Oh, no "Can I see it first/see photos/test/return it". (Maybe you'd like delivery also?) Collect from Weybridge, Surrey.
  6. Ooo.... Lot's of light-gathering loveliness!
  7. Actually, yes, that is a plus. It is amazing how quickly scopes become unwieldy once you start strapping stuff on.
  8. Don't worry. In 10 years, all that plastic will end up either in plankton or washed up on the beach of Big Island anyway. ? It's a bit cheeky too as it does look like metal. I suspect that that was the look they were going for.
  9. Wow! That's really cool! I quite fancy that myself. There is even a levitating version.
  10. Also... a little something CMOS for some OSC live view gratification (to keep the visiting spectators happy). A full frame CCD setup will come in a couple of months to give that Tak wide-field something to do.
  11. That's my standard line!! Obviously I'm still a virgin.
  12. 100mm makes for a very portable setup. I already have scopes up to a 10 inch LX200 but of which are all far to unwieldy for me to enjoy Nowadays. My 100mm will bring back my enjoyment.
  13. It's a Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 F/5 Petzval Quadruplet APO. A very wide and fast flatfield astrograph.
  14. "Nebular Red" You've gotta love those marketing people.
  15. "Well... definitely shorter and fatter than I was expecting" Donald J Trump
  16. Ooo. Look what Santa forgot and I've had to buy myself.
  17. Have you ever noticed that the seventh planet is virtually ignored in public spaces? When was the last time it got a mention on TV?! Aww... poor little planet. It's the butt of many a joke!
  18. Taken from 4th planet from the Sun. Unguided. Oh come on!! If I didn't post this, someone else would have!
  19. It's taken you since the Sixties to join Stargazers Lounge??!! Better late than never to this Star Party!!
  20. Ah. Thanks Steve. I had wondered if it could have been a stability issue. The pier/leg combo doesn't benefit from the bracing effect of a lens tray. Nice idea though, maybe a better version may appear one day.
  21. Did the pier tripod get discontinued or can I buy this as a seperate item? I have an AZ-EQ6 Pro. I like the fact that that pier will fold up into the car.
  22. Hi Steve, and welcome. As you are completely new then the most importance piece of information that I can give you is this: Manage your expectations. 1) Stars will only look like small points of light. Regardless of your telescope, stars are too small and far away to look like anything other than dots of differing colours - our star, excepted. 2) Nearly everything that you can see with your telescope, that cannot be seen with the naked eye, can only just about be seen at all. 3) You wont see nice colourful deep space objects such as nebula etc as you see in photos. Expect, at best, a few hazy, grey areas of sky such as the Magellanic Clouds etc. You will need a camera setup for anything better that that. The good news is this: The key to results is knowledge. Marry that with, very often, low-cost equipment, and amazing results can be had. You will often see quite extraordinary pictures using just a camera. Even light polluted areas don't stop people from getting great results. We're all amateurs on here though there is a huge about of knowledge and experience so don't shy away from asking for advice. There are no stupid questions, only stupid replies (I'm best at those This is a great place to start learning: https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/183-beginners/ Oh, and I'm new, too! Baz
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