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  1. These are great pictures. Putting things in perspective really give them the WOW factor. The quality is far less important IMO.
  2. I've often thought, I bet my cat looks up and thinks "That's so pretty!"
  3. Steve, If you can guarantee, without doubt, that you can be in Weybridge at 11am Saturday, it's yours. You'll probably need a hatchback with the seats down to get it in.
  4. It's still available. The odds have increased for steviebee.
  5. Now gone to a happy home In its wooden crate. Not been used for years. It was my first real telescope. Great Soviet tech with a decent mirror. Can't be arsed with fleebay though. Just collect it immediately or it goes to the charity shop at the end of the week. Whoever can say that they can collect it, the earliest, gets it. Oh, no "Can I see it first/see photos/test/return it". (Maybe you'd like delivery also?) Collect from Weybridge, Surrey.
  6. Ooo.... Lot's of light-gathering loveliness!
  7. Actually, yes, that is a plus. It is amazing how quickly scopes become unwieldy once you start strapping stuff on.
  8. Don't worry. In 10 years, all that plastic will end up either in plankton or washed up on the beach of Big Island anyway. ? It's a bit cheeky too as it does look like metal. I suspect that that was the look they were going for.
  9. Wow! That's really cool! I quite fancy that myself. There is even a levitating version.
  10. Also... a little something CMOS for some OSC live view gratification (to keep the visiting spectators happy). A full frame CCD setup will come in a couple of months to give that Tak wide-field something to do.
  11. That's my standard line!! Obviously I'm still a virgin.
  12. 100mm makes for a very portable setup. I already have scopes up to a 10 inch LX200 but of which are all far to unwieldy for me to enjoy Nowadays. My 100mm will bring back my enjoyment.
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