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  1. Hi all, I have decided to delve into the astro photography world. Can you recommend the best guide camera for my set up please. I have a (as yet unopened) AZ-EQ6 GT, Skywatcher Explorer 130 PDS and Skywatcher EvoGuide 50ED. My thoughts are at the minute, either stick with my 224mc or perhaps go with a 290mm. What do you think best?
  2. Good price! Ordered one from you last night for my in progress imaging setup. Now to decide on a guide camera for it. Leaning towards the ASI 290mm or maybe save a bit and just go with the 120mm hmmmm
  3. Zayvin


    Hi, welcome to the forum
  4. Not really sure what the point of this topic is?? We all know they are potentially dangerous in the wrong hands, as with almost anything! In the correct hands they are a useful tool.
  5. I picked up a set of 4 W&W Astro straps last week. They are by far the best ones i have come across in my limited astro experience. Bold statement, yes! but the build and materials speak for themselves.
  6. Zayvin


    Hi Mike! Not a million miles from me. Andy
  7. Zayvin


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site, i certainly am
  8. Heya, welcome! Nice area of the country.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to trying it over the Xmas period, skies permitting!
  10. For anyone interested, the Sky Safari crew have released version 6. It is currently at 50% discount
  11. Good advice! As someone very new to the hobby, i am surprised how prevalent the cigar lighter is! There are plenty of much more suitable connectors out there that are better suited for our application. The only plus side i can see is the convenience for when using the jump starter type power packs.
  12. Zayvin

    Hello everyone

    Hi Roger, welcome On my MacBook Pro i tend to run quite a few things through Parallels (bootcamp). I even find quite a lot of software just runs better under windows then the Mac version, if it even has one. Andy
  13. Almost all the residential streets in the area around Harrogate where i live are off from 00:00-06:00. My street and i think the vast majority of others around here are still non-led.
  14. Tell me about it, the weather is a real problem I have yet to unpack the telegizmos 365 cover, hopefully this weekend. I am hoping it will sit quite low and be tied off, we shall see.
  15. Here is my last haul of the year courtesy of FLO:
  16. ...i have so much to learn in this hobby!
  17. All the best to you, your colleagues and families! I have only been a customer for the last month or so but you have delivered three sizable orders with no issues Any hints on what the new lines may be? Loving the home grown stuff rather than having to import all the time!! Cheers, Andy
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