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  1. There is already considerable DSLR support and i can only imagine that the ASIAIR PRO builds upon this:
  2. Interested to see how the final production model shapes up. Love the idea of what this is but personally i am struggling to justify the price point over an Intel based NUC. I can see the attraction but am looking forward to the final specs and real world reviews
  3. What are your impressions of this? I am in a tizzle over this and the Baader one. Its almost £100 more but i do know Baader stuff is top notch.
  4. Some of you may be aware that i have been offloading some of my Astro kit these last few weeks. This was what the money went towards. Courtesy of FLO via ES Reid: Pleased as punch and it lives up to all my expectations in quality. Just figuring out my imaging train but will be hoping for some clear skies next week! Cheers, Andy
  5. Hi Wim, I got a ZWO OAG from FLO on Tuesday and it was the newer variant. No stalk wobble issues and it seem to be a well engineered piece of kit. I have yet to test it out on my rig, maybe tomorrow. Cheers, Andy
  6. A small haul courtesy of FLO and delivered by a friendly chap from DPD called Dave. Hubble torch so i can finally get around to fitting Bobs Knobs on my SCT. Not the greatest build quality but its functionality seems spot on. I decided to delve into the black art of OAG'ing with this little chap from ZWO and also a bubble level attachment to bring my 1st gen ZWO ADC up to spec. After much debating, especially a SharpCap owner, i took the plunge an d got myself a QHY Polemaster plus adapter for my AZEQ6. And finally, an ADM saddle replacement for the standard AZEQ6 saddle. Safe to say that this is a big upgrade in both surface area and quality. Pricey but worth it imho. All in all some nice upgrades to my kit and all delivered in less than 24 hour from ordering. Keep up the good work FLO!
  7. I am also really interested in this. Looking forward to more info and a preorder/price details . Back to the cameras, I can certainly see why they dropped the ones they have. Here is hoping that another fantastic new series of cameras is on the horizon (some of the most popular ones are getting long in the tooth).
  8. Thanks for the input on this age old thread, much appreciated. Common sense tells me to go with the Pentax, however if i go for aesthetics, the Delos is much more fitting to my ES collection. Joking aside, every review i have seen raves about the Pentax, especially the comfort. I will save myself £60 and go with the majority. Thanks everyone!
  9. First off, sorry for resurrecting an old thread. What are peoples thoughts on these two eye pieces in this day and age, after a lot more people have has had a chance to get hold of the Delos. Is it still toss coin time between the Pentax and Televue or is there more to it?
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