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  1. OK guys so managed to get hold of someone at WO and it seems they have played with a few different designs but haven't made a dedicated reducer for the ZS73 as they feel it's perfect as it is! Hence just the Flat73 flattener, the Flat6a has been discontinued and the Flat6aii will not work with full frame sensors. Although they did say it may with a bit of adjustment work with cropped sensors i.e. APS-C. The Altair 0.8 reducer apparently may work with this but you will have to play around to get it spot on.
  2. Thanks David, I could only find the flat6A on 365 for £149 hence the email to them, no where else seems to stock it! So as you say it may have been discontinued the Flat6AII is only another £20 so will contact FLO and see if it's compatible as it doesn't seem to list the ZS73 in the models list.
  3. Hi Everyone, need a little help choosing the right flattener/reducer for the William Optics Zenithstar73. I am after one that does both jobs so that rules out the dedicated Flat73 which is just a flattener! So I was wondering if I could get away with the Flat6 0.8 reducer which does say it works on scopes 70 - 80mm f/6 but doesn't list the ZS73 in the models list or do I need to spend the extra and get the Flat6A11? Can anyone shed some light on this have email 365 where I have seen the Flat6 but had no reply. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, any one had any use of a Technosky Apo or know anything about them. I am looking at getting my first apo as usually I am Astrograph man and seen this 70/478 mm quadruplet flatfield for £482. It seems a good deal but was just wondering about the build quality? As this seems cheap for a quadruplet!!! https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/tecnosky-telescope-ap-70-478-quadruplet-flatfield-ota/p,57327#tab_bar_1_select
  5. Hi, guys i have a Opticstar ARX200 f/3.9 astrograph which came with a f/3.9 adjustable coma corrector and I am struggling to work out the back focus! I am using a Nikon D5100 DSLR which I know the the air gap is 48mm from sensor to imaging plane. When I use the corrector I can only gain focus with it when it is 0mm but still get major coma around edges of frame. I have tried at every point from 0-55mm and cant gain focus anywhere else?? Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong??
  6. Hi everyone just thought I'd say thanks for all the advice. Finally got myself up and running not the greatest effort but think it not bad for a Manchester back yard!!! M42 Skywatcher Star Discovery 150p AZ GOTO V4 Nikon D5100 x2 Barlow 10x6secs exposures ISO 1600 Stack in DSS Processed in GIMP 2.8
  7. I tried this last night but when the configuration window/plug ins/telescope control it wouldn't let me click configure, nothing would happen and also when i connect cables to laptop it doesn't detect any devices?
  8. Ok so I've been a bit of air head here and got the name of the of port mixed up!!! My laptop has a RS-232C port and cable supplied fits. I tried to connect to stellarium last night but nothing seemed to happen. Does the handset need to be in PC direct mode after alignment for it to communicate?
  9. Hi, Everyone could with a little advice on connecting a my Synscan v4 to my laptop. I now how to do it and also know about USB serial adapters, what i am wondering is my laptop has a RJ11 coms port but in the Synscan V4 Manual it says you need a RJ12 port as the cable supplied is RJ12. The RJ12 cable fits into the RJ11 perfectly Is there much difference in these and could i still connect using the method or do i have to go and buy the USB serial adapter? if anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Ian, I can't seem to find this thread it's been mentioned before to me. But doesn't come up with anything when I search for it??
  11. So I managed to get it to stack at last although it was only 5 frames out of the 10 and the end result was not really worth writing home about. But at least it's worked, I have tried again increasing the threshold but doesn't seem to want to go over 4% any higher than that and won't detect any stars. Will try and get out this week fingers crossed for clear sky's and nail the focus. Thanks for everyone's imput think I've managed work it out now ?
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