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  1. Good news. Many thanks for your reply, David. I'll give it a try this evening Best wishes, jason
  2. Sorry for dragging up an old thread...can you just connect the battery terminals to the scope mount power socket (via appropriate wires) or does it need regulating to 12V? A fully charged Pb acid is ~14.4V is it not? We're off camping this weekend so I'd like to take the scope if possible. Many thanks, Jason
  3. Thanks for the reassurance! I'm feeling very excited now! I've been trying to get my head around calibration and alignment of the HEQ6 pro mount now. It's a new learning curve for me so I've been scratching my head and scouring this forum and youtube which have been a wealth of information as always! I'll report back once I've had my 'first light' moment! Best wishes, Jason
  4. Hi, I've just ordered a Sky-Watcher Skymax 150 PRO from FLO. It will replace my wonderful 250px which is simply taking up too much room amongst my kids' growing population of Peppa Pig and friends! Will I miss the wider field of view and the light gathering capabilities of the big(ish) dob in my little backyard in averagely light polluted Bedford? I've read good things about the MAK but I'm nervous! Part of my motivation was that I want to be able to share the joy of the night skies with my young kids (6 & 3). The dob is fabulous but it's not that easy for them to see throu
  5. Ah! That makes sense. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi, A polite appeal to the collective wisdom of SGL to get my HEQ5 mount back together again correctly... I was trying to install a counterweight extension bar to my HEQ5 mount (it doesn't fit, but that's another story) and once I'd unscrewed the bar from below this little piece shown in the photo below dropped out. Does anyone have any idea where it's supposed to go? Any info is very welcome before I throw the offending part away and pretend it never existed. Many thanks, Jason
  7. Many thanks for the warm welcome. I've just come in from the crisp but clear night! Thank's I'd love to come along to the Beds Astro observing sessions. I've been following their recent activities on twitter. I was under the impression that the observing sessions are mostly wound-up at this time of year? Cheers, Jason.
  8. Hi, I've been 'lurking' for a couple of months now and I've been astonished by the depth & breadth of knowledge and good-will shared around this forum, so I thought I ought to introduce myself - if only by way of thanks to the many members that have unknowingly enhanced my knowledge and enjoyment of astronomy so far. Despite my life-long interest in science and the universe, somehow in my 41 years of living memory I have never looked through a proper telescope. I can't quite understand how that happened so I'm making up for lost time in my back garden in Bedford (UK) with a 250px
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