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  1. How do you use your eyepatch?
  2. The best telescope is the one you will use. Even the worst modern telescope is better than anything Galileo had. Get Stellarium.
  3. So, OP, you came for a definitive answer and have ended up with 1823347 options. Have you decided what you are going to go for? (very good point about some spare money for eyepieces).
  4. Compare the size of this scope to the reflector you first suggested in the size comparison chart. This will be much more transportable.
  5. Like this? good point.
  6. How about something like this? I don't know what the more experienced would think: FWIW I have a Skywatcher 130P, which was a great first scope, but my new Skywatcher refractor is far more portable and is being used much more because of this (plus the optics are sharper).
  7. Not any more. Couldn't go out earlier and now it's too late.
  8. I don't know what your scope is like, but with mine, there is a screw underneath the focusser. Every now and then I forget that I have tightened it and no amount of moving the controls will make the focusser move and focus... (It's not obvious that it's tightened...)
  9. Wow a consensus! Thank you. I'll have a look at these (good point about using the skywatchers for the children's - sometimes the obvious solutions are the ones missed!). One last question, what sizes should I go for to get the best out of my scopes and the views. Sorry for asking for a shopping list, there's too much choice so I need help from people who know what they are doing! Thank you!
  10. Fairly decent are Skywatcher ones - not the ones that came with the scope, but I now realise there are much better out there. Budget is harder. £50-£150? I know that's a massive range. If I can get some decent ones for less, then great, but would rather save to get something more expensive than pay £50 now and £100 next year to replace it. I couldn't really go higher and the more expensive they are the more I would be stressing when the children to use them, so probably not a good idea! ETA no glasses at the moment...
  11. So, I have: Skywatcher 130p Skywatcher Evostar 80ED I had started upgrading my eyepieces, but stopped for a while (and I still have some really old and rubbish ones!). I've had a look round the forums, but am still no clearer, so was hoping someone could help me by saying 'get these...'! I spend a lot of time looking at the moon and planets (partly because I can never find anything else!!). I currently have a fairly decent 30mm, 10mm and 5mm (where I can keep Jupiter in view for about 0.2seconds before having to follow it!). All of my other ones are poor quality (including one from my Tasco telescope that I kept for sentimental reasons and use every now and then). I would like to by some really good eyepieces (so I'm not looking to replace in a few years), but that I will also be happy to allow my children to look through (knock/ touch etc...). Can anyone please give me some suggestions? I'm not even sure which sizes would be best to use - I just replaced the size I had. Thank you!
  12. Sorry Darren, the sale went ahead. I might be confusing you with someone else, so sorry if this link is of no use to you, but have you seen this? I couldn't remember if it was you that was also looking at maks: Nice to meet you today, Gus and thank you <- I'm very happy at the moment and my wallet is much lighter and easier to carry now 😉
  13. I've just posted in you other thread. Have been asking about both on the beginner's forum, so am hopeful. For some reason I can't PM you.
  14. I would be willing to offer the £350 for both. ps I can't find the PM button. MaybeI don't have permission yet?
  15. Argh east side of york, not Hull!