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  1. Holy c%&p... That's an absolute stunner... Great image... Cheers...
  2. Good for her... And for all the people she manages to reach... Great!!
  3. Again... +1 for the BST's... I was really scared when buying one but did and can't regret... Great value for the money... Bought an 8mm for about 50£, and when coupled with a Celestron Luminos 2.5x Barlow gives a great narrow field with relatively low light loss... Well made and sturdy, can't complain really...
  4. I didn't notice it... OK... This way being low isn't such a problem... Cheers...
  5. I had a nifty fifty and found that (even for photographic subjects) I had to use it at at least f/2.8 (and that was a compromise)... For astrophoto I remember taking it to f/3.5 when I was thirsty for light, but that was pushing it... My lens had an astrophoto sweet spot at around f/4. Hope it helps... Cheers,
  6. Boy, that must be a pain to polar align, or do you use a different polar alignment routine, other than the polarscope? I use a TRIOPO MT3232X8C with a TRIOPO B-3 ballhead (max payload of the whole set is 12kg): http://foto-tip.pl/en/products/statyw-triopo-mt-3232x8c/ http://foto-tip.pl/en/products/glowica-triopo-b-3/ And to this date, no problems whatsoever, but I have been using it with Canon 7D MkII with grip and a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 OS, which weighs in at roughly 3kg (without considering the mount itself)... Was concerned about it being a lesser known brand but it certainly suited all of my photographic requirements plus astrophotography using the Staradventurer... Cheers,
  7. That's right, I beieve the SW has a 0.9x factor whereas the Baader doesn't reduce at all...
  8. Hi, I'm thinking of trying a bit of planetary and lunar imaging (even though my kit isn't the best for it). So I wanted to have a go at eyepiece projection. Having said that I must mention I have an adapter that uses small body eyepieces, like Plossl's, but I currently don't have any Plossl... My highest power is an 8mm BST Starguider which is much too fat to be fitted in that adapter. In other words, I don't have anything that I can use. So my question is, what's the gear your using to do eyepiece projection, I mean hardwarewise, so that I might have a grasp on what's out there... Thanks,
  9. Hello @billyharris72, I'll be primarilly imaging with a DSLR... A CCD is planned to be purchased somewhere along the road, but not in a near future... Even though the Baader is pricier I'd might be ok with it if it actually delivered better results... @gazzawhenever you get a chance to try it out, I'd be more than happy to read your conclusions... Cheers everybody...
  10. Oh WOW!!! reat image... Awesome detail in this lovely jewel laden wishing well... Cheers,
  11. Hello, I hope this is the best place to post this... I recently acquired a Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P DS and an HEQ5 Pro to go with it and couldn't find that much information regarding what was actually in the boxes, to know if I needed to buy anything else, etc.. So I made this unboxing video so that people can actually see what the boxes contain and get a bit more information regarding the kit. Bear in mind that this is my frist unboxing video and that I don't have any intention of being a know-it-all... I just want to share information with people out there... If you find these helpful I'll continue to do these (since I'm waiting for the arrival of an eyepiece and a Barlow, otherwise I'll just stop... Cheers
  12. Do post those results, as I'm interested in knowing what on earth shuold I buy for the 150P... That comment by Xplode regarding the Baader MPCC III got me thinking though... It's a bit more costly, but if it works better... I don't know... I guess I'll have to snoop around... If anyone has examples of this, please point them out... Thank you, cheers,
  13. Thank you very much for your warm welcome... I have to go out and use my new kit more often (a cloud free sky on non-working days would be nice)... And I'll go ahead and post ALL of my questions here... Thanks a lot guys... Hey AlentejoSkies you're in a rather dark sky region of Portugal... Good for you... I have to drive for a bit to find a rural darkish site... Usually I go with the Atalaia group (www.atalaia.org)... Since you're in a smaller town talking a bit more Portuguese would really help you as there aren't many English speaking people around there... Cheers for now and thank you once again for a rather warm welcome!
  14. I've started asking questions and haven't properly introduced myself... How rude of me... Anyway, I'm from Portugal and am a Photorapher, as well as an Environmental Engineer. I've been in and out of the astronomy hobby, mainly because of crappy telescopes and the frustration they bring... So I decided to buy a Star Adventurer to see what I could do with it, and got pretty excited that I managed to photograph some Messier objects. After that experience I started to gather some money and decided to buy a Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P DS on a HEQ5 Synscan Pro, and couldn't be more chuffed with it... It opened up a realm of possibilities, even though skies haven't been great around here, and I have only had one chance to use it, so far... My intentions are to pursue astrophotography, and so I've started to gather a bit more money to buy some more stuff, like coma corrector, guidescope and cam, etc, etc, etc... Cheers for now,
  15. I think that's what I'll do... Right now money is dire, so I'm going for Johns guidance, even though lots of people say that the X-Cel's are great... Maybe some other time and focal length... Thank you everybody once again...
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