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  1. I wonder, how bright (which magnitude) star has to be to be seen near the bright moon?? Is it possible to see stars near the moon (on the edge of moon glare). i assume that that star has to be preety bright to be seen... I saw it, but on star applitaton i dont see any bright stars on that spot..so i wonder which magintude stars i should be looking... or i saw something else:)...
  2. Yes i looked at app but no bright stars in the area
  3. I was watching moon and i saw this...i inaged it with mobile so image is horible...but yiu can see this star or something..is it possible to see stars near so bright moon.. what star could it be? I was watching 15.3.2019 19:30 on central grinwich time... Its not hot pixel..i was imaging it because i saw it first...
  4. What would be stars test?? If its ok imaging would be also ik i supose (planets and moon)
  5. thats what i tought.. put a dark tape on that part of glass...it would aproximatly bee (its skymax) about 110mm maktusov i supose....
  6. What would be if i move front mak corrector and atatch secondary mirror with spider??? (I would be doing that due to broken glass)..
  7. Hi...how would affect in observing and imaging this front corrector damage? How much would i lost on quality? What if i put sam black tape on that part of glass-would i that have good picture but with smaller aperture?? (Mak 127)
  8. Which one mak127? What would you ask for it? FLO is sending via dhl and asking about 15-20£..
  9. I know...and i see it with newton f5... But i tought rhat mak 127 (skymax) would do better trough bad view cobditions .
  10. I read that longer focal lenght scopes are beter when seeing isnt so good and there are thermal bluring on image.. would than mak (lets say 127 skymax) would be preety satisfying when looking from loft that isnt heated or how would be if it is heated??
  11. Looking for mak 127 that can be sent to Croatia
  12. I reached focus with both..mirrorless without problem, canon with little butchering...
  13. What would be minimal optimal altitude of planets for good views?? For examlpe jupiter will be about 20° altitude rhis summer.. i know its not best,but is is worth to try to see it or it will be to low and to bad???
  14. How big would be difference in mak127 and mak 150? (Specialy for planetary and moon)? Is diference noticable or just slightly?? Diference in price is very noticable.... Important ia that i live in red zone.... How priblematic is cooldown ib maks???
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