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  1. I came to this idea and it realy helps on this focuser.it works like microfocuser and its easier ti fine focus...
  2. Hm..nice thinking...ill try it for sure...iam not buying new miunt atleast year or two...
  3. So it seems that bestbuy would be eq5 and enhanced motor sets... But for now i am budget limited to stardiscovery that i have
  4. Another idea..stardiscovery has synscan4 goto... If i buy eq5deluxe with motors (enhanced set with st4 port) and conect synscan4 with eq5, will it going to be same like goto eq5 or am i missing something??
  5. wedge isnt porblem to do...i was thining-mount has goto syncscan4... if i put guiding camera and connect it to laptop,and laptop conect to syncscan (i dint know how) why wouldnt be guiding possible (i know it isnt best option but i am trying to make imposible posible)
  6. is it possible to guide with star discovery mount?what i have to atatch and how? if its possible,i wonder if i put mounthead on wedge and starguide, will it go likw eq mount and than it will be possible to make longer exposures?
  7. dark flats? i know dark, a know flats, but dont know dark flats:)... mount was photographic simple mount, with nanotracker... DDS stacking 90% best images kapalambda..light polution could be...i am in centre of capital city..Red engancer with full spectrum isnt such a good idea-very hard to play with colors and red..
  8. So bloating is here obviously..this is just HOYA red intensifier..but ok-UV/IR filter will do it, but i have another strange problem. This quadrangular shadow on edges. I did about 100 20sec lights, 20 darks and 20 flats...are flats wrongly done (blank white laptop screen 1/10 exposure), or filter problem, or is it possible that shadow is here because i cleaned sensor recently (but i get nice picures and when i put dehaze and clarity to max i dont get any of this problems)
  9. I tried last night orion... 90subs 20sec 800iso with nex5n full spectrum and vivitar 135mm f2.8... after about 20darks and 20flats (blank copmuter screen 1/10 exposure .. i was cleaning sensor few weeks ago and i usualy get nice pictures..without this quadrangular strange shadow ..whats the problem???
  10. nobody did that??? stupid idea??
  11. guide camera?i tought to conect simple usb webcamera to guiding scope... and that camera connect to usb port in laptop...open ascom or some another software for guiding.... and i missing just how to coenct laptop and dualmotors on mount...they are conencted to that red hub that has st4 port...i touggt ih i conenct that red hubs st4 port with laptop (via st4/usb adapter) that would do.... so i tought i need that adapter (zowe or something i think) and i need st4 wire... em i wrong or???.
  12. so i could do guiding...do i need something extra (some cable or something)
  13. hello...i am looking at eq5 deluxe mount...but i didnt still get it-if i purchase dual axis motor (enhanced with st4 port) can i atach it to laptop and have goto or atleast guiding (if i conenect guding telescope ofcourse).. what do i need for that? is that possible with these gears i mentioned or i ghave to buy aometging else?? scope woulde br 150/750,neetonian and 90/1000refractor...
  14. mislav

    Prime focus and filters

    NEX5N sony, full spectrum

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