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  1. Yes it was Ken! He saw my thread on CN and helped by writing a proper INDI driver. Prior to that, I used the Astroberry DIY Relay. So today I did a clean install of Astroberry and installed Ken’s package. There is an issue (specifically?) on the Astroberry/RaspbianOS build that there’s a clash in the libpigiod package which causes the installation to fail. So you just have to force install Ken’s package :- sudo dpkg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/indi-asi-power_0.9_armhf.deb This shouldn’t be a problem for Stellarmate however since that’s based on Ubuntu.
  2. I'm curious if you've given a look at N.I.N.A yet? It's free and it's been getting some pretty decent traction in development in the past year. Also SGP has moved to a subscription model (although you can opt not to participate but forgo the upgrades).
  3. I have had the ASIAir Pro for a year now and in the past few months with the help of some friends, been able to get full functionality running Astroberry on the ASIAir Pro hardware. I actually got it all working last year however with the DC ports control hard coded (outside of INDI/KStars/EKOS). I got it rudimentary INDI functionality of the ASIAir Pro DC hub with the Asstroberry DIY relay driver, however a friend was able to code up a proper INDI driver ASI Power which provides full control of the DC Hub to manage variable power to dew heaters, flat panels, etc. With this Astroberry build
  4. I haven't tried with the latest N.I.N.A. nightly but 2-3 weeks back, I had flawless interaction between N.I.N.A and PHD2 Dev4. In fact I had everything scripted in the Advance Sequencer 2.0 where I, set up my scope, polar align, and with the scope still parked I would run the sequencer routine which automatically cooled camera, unparked, slew, autofocus, centre, start up autoguiding (with forced calibration enabled) and started snapping away my subs till dawn, then park the mount and warm the camera. For now I can't ask for a smoother operation. When N.I.N.A starts up PHD2, is that starti
  5. The source of that photo is more than likely from Starbase, a shop in Akihabara, Tokyo. For astro enthusiasts who have travelled to Tokyo, they've more than likely come across the Starbase shop. I bought my Takahashi µ250CRS from there, countless other accessories. http://www.starbase.co.jp/SHOP/SB-S066s.html I don't know about this mount but I've seen Starbase having their own products (cateogrised as "Starbase Original"). I gather they've managed to find and OEM under their own label.
  6. Despite having a new camera this year, I've hardly produced any images as most of the year has been on learning how to use the new toys. I thought I better produce one more image before the year end, and with the Horsehead Nebula in Bicolour. So here's my version of of it with Hα & Oiii taken in mid Dec. I wanted to capture in landscape to get the wall as much as possible but the flare from Alnitak is a bummer. I should probably should have framed it better. Image capture details are as follows :- Takahashi µ250CRS @ native 2500mm F10 Vixen AXD Mount ASI6200MM/EFW/ZW
  7. Doh! I missed that...mine's F4.9. So actually thank you. This may prompt me to test by removing my reducer and try native 800mm/F6.4 to see if that helps.
  8. Upgraded to the M68 tilt adapter :D. I'm pretty sure this is due to the ZWO 2" filters, since they're mounted, the actual filter glass itself is less than 2" naturally. But I am surprised at @gorann's 2" mounted Baader not vignetting at all.
  9. This is the vignette I get with the ZWO 2" Lum with the ASI6200MM on the Pentax 125SDP which was surprising. the 125SDP should have an image circle the same as the FSQ106ED.
  10. Yes, there's only 2 options for the ASI6200MM....the 2"x5 or 2"x7, I have the 2"x7. In this sample pix, it's attached to my Tak µ250CRS instead (which has a smaller imaging circle so vignette on this scope makes sense, but not on the Pentax 125SDP).
  11. Thank you. That’s the same EFW2 2”x7 I use except in my case with ZWO filters. Well I hope when I move to unmounted filters, it won’t vignette.
  12. Goran, Which filterwheel do you use with your ASI6200MM? I have the EFW2 with 2” mounted filters and it vignettes even with my Pentax 125SDP (88mm image circle). I’m looking at moving to unmounted 2” filters in hope that it doesn’t vignette - but spending thousands on 2” unmounted filters in hope is quite a big risk.
  13. IMHO broadband filters are not going to be useful in Bortle 8-9 skies. If you're going to shorten the exposure to build an image, then you may as well ditch the broadband LP filter altogether and shoot without it. As mentioned in my post, one could even shoot over a thousand 30sec subs to build that image (that addresses the SNR you're referring to). But the OPs proposed camera is the ASI2600MC which is 50MB per sub. Integrating 1000x 50MB subs would be challenging nevertheless. It's true post processing could potentially address issues (gradients, etc.) however I would assume one would
  14. IMHO, broadband in Bortle 8-9 isn't going to be useful. In Bortle 5-6, maybe a different story. Here's a test I did last year in my Bortle 5-6 skies. The setup is as such, Takahashi µ250CRS (2500mm/F10), CentralDS A7S cooled to -18C ambient, ISO2000, 5 min exposures. Most are with IDAS filters but with one STC filter :- 1) HEUIB-II is probably the widest band but as you can see it's washed out in just 5 mins 2) LPS-D1 was the replacement of the LPS-P2 which is a wide-band LPS filter 3) LPS-D2 was designed to cut out LED (although I'm not so keen on the green cast) 4) LPS-V4 whi
  15. Has anyone noticed that “Clear Outside” no longer shows Day 5 to Day 10 (at least on iOS, don’t have Android)?
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