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  1. Ah, my apologies and thank you for the information. I suppose I was hoping to find some type of set similar the what Celestron and Orion sell with a few different magnifications included inside. But in that case, , Yes, I would like to have what you described there. I've never used a zoom eyepiece, so I wasn't even aware they existed. Those eyepieces would be perfect for what i want. Thanks again!
  2. OK thank you everyone. Being that I'm not good at building things myself, and the cost of these mounts is quite a bit, I'm thinking I'm simply stuck for a little while with what I have. I also have a smaller 80mm Smartcube mount that I can use for photos. I was just getting spoiled with the view that the 8" dob was offering up! Thank you everyone!
  3. Hi' I'm looking for decent 2" eyepiece set for my Orion XT8. Thanks!
  4. If this question has been asked elsewhere, I apologize, I looked but did not see it on another thread. A couple months back, I purchased a Orion XT8, and love it, but really want to use it for astrophotography. I know they sell the XTI version, which I now regret not purchasing. Is it possibly to buy and add a motorized mount so that it will track objects in the sky? Thank you for nay feedback! Jon
  5. This really is awesome shot! I'm jealous. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I do have a live view on the Nikon D90. To make sure I underwear you correctly, you’re suggesting zooming in on the Live View so that I can get a better idea of detail, or lack thereof?
  7. Hi Alacant, I need to go back and look at my exposure setup and will report back when I get home tonight. It is a motorized mount with gps and seems to follow objects just fine once aligned and centered on them. And I use a remote for the shutter release so that I don’t get any vibration from my hands.
  8. I’m simply focusing using the focuser on the telescope. Once I connect the t-ring, I seem to lose the ability to focus via the camera. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Hi Everyone and thank you in advance for your help! I'm having issues getting clarity while my beginnings in astrophotography. I'm using an iOptron 80mm along with a Nikon D90. I get that both of these are not of superior quality, and in regards to the telescope, I've upgraded the eyepieces from the original factory pieces. When I view objects through the telescope, they're quite clear with nor blurriness, but this changes when I connect the Nikon via its T-Ring adaptor. I feel like I have a decent understanding of the correct settings in terms of exposure and lighting, etc. T
  10. You're exactly right, it's a 400 mm foul length. Thank you for the clarification on the correct eye-pieces to use for the bands on Jupiter. on a side note, I live in Denver, where it almost never rains (it's dessert),and my T-ring and and adapter for connecting the camera to the scope arrived in the mail today.....and it's raining.
  11. After thinking about it, I’ve decided the issue must be a combination of my scope being slightly underpowered, and the fact that we have a lot of smoke from the wildfires here in Colorado the last couple of weeks. I came to this conclusion when I realized the moon is crystal clear in my telescope. So it isn’t the eyepieces or a focusing issue. It’s sinply the distance and atmospheric consulting hindering my planet viewing.
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