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  1. Thanks Astronut, I don't have access to Televue eyepieces so I guess I'll just have to experiment a bit. I read on a Czech astro forum that Paracorr works quite well with Hyperions, correcting coma down to about the last 5%. Sounds all right to me. Miro
  2. Hi All, As the telescopehouse.com has a 10% discount during the weekend I'm thinking of getting a TeleVue Visual Paracorr for my 14'' f4.6 Dob. Does the Visual Paracorr have the tunable top? I have 24,17 and 13mm Hyperions. Has anyone tried Paracorr with the Hyperions? Miro.
  3. Now, that's what I call a telescope.
  4. Thanks guys. It seem that everyone is reasonably happy with their Hyperions so I'll give them a try. I'm gonna get the 24, 17 and 13mm. Miro
  5. Thanks for the link lunator. I missed the review somehow. Looks like it works just fine at f6. Have you guys used any other eyepieces from the Hyperion line in a fast newtonian?
  6. I was thinking of getting MPCC with the 24mm, but as it doesn't seem to make a huge difference to the performance I'll probably try the 24mm on its own first.
  7. Hi All, I recently decided to upgraded my Tal1 (110mm). So I got an Orionoptics SPX 350mm f4.6 on a Dob mount. 8) Now I'm gonna need some accessories. I only have a Hyperion Zoom an TV 3x barlow, so I'm going to need some eyepieces. I'd rather avoid the Panoptic/Nagler/Pentax route. I think I could be happy with the Hyperion line. I'm a bit worried about the performance of the 24mm, mainly the edge of the field correction. Apart from the cloudynights review, I can't find much info on its performance with and without a coma corrector. I'd like to hear your about experiences with these eyepieces in a fast newtonian. Miro
  8. Miro

    Hello everyone.

    Yup Martin, I'm from Slovakia. From Bardejov.
  9. I hope that I would, at least marginally, be able to hand-hold it. But I also have a decent camera tripod to support the binos. I know that even 10x50 is difficult to hand-hold for longer periods.
  10. Hello I'm thinking of buying Celestron Skymastrer 15x70 binos. As I have to wear glasses all the time do you think that the eye relief of 18mm is sufficient? I've read that quite a few people had problems especially with alignment. Coud you perhaps recomend some other bino of similar size. Thanks.
  11. Miro

    Hello everyone.

    Hi everyone. My name is Miro. I'm 36 years old, currently living in Southampton. I came across this forum a few week ago and I think it's great. A lot of useful info.I've been interested in astronomy ever since I was a teenager. I used binos and an 11 cm newtonian. After several years' break I'd like to be more active again. Being scopeless, I think a pair of binoculars would be a good way to start, followed by a small portable telescope later. Miro
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