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  1. hello, I am new to all the astrophotography world and decied to take my first step and try photograph saturn with my samsung s6 phone. I try to find any software that can enlarge my saturn photos cause they are pretty small,but untill now i cant find something. Does anyone know about software that can enlarge photos without compromising image quality?? sorry for my english,thank you all.
  2. hello, i have a 12v 60a rechargale battery that i bought for my telescope. i saw on ebay this type cigarette socket that i can connect to my telescope. my question is:for now my main purpose is to activate my eq5 goto mount,is it safe to use this device with the battery?? thanks for the answers .
  3. hello, i try to install the eqmod on my computer to controll my eq5 mount. i have the late version of eqmod(v200q) according to the source forge site,and download before the ascom drivers. so i begin download eqmod ,press continue and then it gives me two thing:information on note pad and pdf guide but nothing else. http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/downloadindex.html. iv'e added screen shots of my download process. appreciate the help.
  4. I saw the 200d canon camera. I dont understand very much the specs of this camera,do you think its good for start??
  5. My budget goes between 300-350 dollars. I have the sw 150 with focal of 750 and meade 90 with long focal of 900. I thought about buying guide scope but not at this point.
  6. Thank you, you've got sone nice photos. So from what i understand,the best way will be the cooled version of 178??
  7. thank you for the comment. do you know some sites that sell second hand ?
  8. hello, im interested in the zwo asi camera for dso like i mentioned above. i mostly use it with my eq5 mount. anybody know or have this type of camera and can give me his review about it. i'll appreciate if those of you could send dso photos that you take with this camera. clear skies for all.
  9. Hello,im having trouble trying to screw this type of polarscope to my eq5 mount. As you all can see in the added pictures,i try to screw it but it doesnt fit in the mount and doesnt have a Threaded ring of its own. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong. Would appreciate your help in this problem. *Iv'e added another photo of polar scope with threaded ring for comparison.
  10. Maybe the way i connect the cables was wrong??, Until now i connect the grey cable in the synscan remote and the usb thread to the laptop.
  11. My mount is eq5 .i have an rs232 usb adapter and the grey cable that connect to the remote.
  12. Hello everyone, Im having some problems wirh connecting my laptop to stellarium. When i enter the config window in stellarium and trying to register my telescope,it shows me my current port (port6)but when i click start/connect,it doesnt do anything. Help anyone? Thank you all. *Ive added a photo of my current device manager
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