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  1. Looks very nice - plenty of the dark dust picked up, but I'm not sure how well that will print. Whenever I get something printed, the faint stuff always seems to get lost.

    By North, do you mean "down" - because I think your image might be upside down. Easy to turn a print around, though :)

  2. I have for sale my Atik 428ex mono in perfect condition, virtually as-new. It's a great camera with very low read noise and has only been used a few times.

    I'm asking for £800 including tracked delivery.

    Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX674
    Horizontal Resolution: 1931 pixels
    Vertical Resolution: 1451 pixels
    Pixel Size: 4.54 µm x 4.54 µm
    ADC: 16 bit
    Readout Noise: 5e- typical value
    Gain Factor: 0.27e-/ ADU






  3. I realised how badly I had combined my channels last time I posted this back in 2018. Holding back on the Ha channel has really brought out some extra structure I had completely destroyed with my previous hap-hazard approach.

    So here it is again - it's a Bi-Colour combination of Ha and Oiii as a 2 panel mosaic.

    Hα: 2x24x600s
    Oiii: 2x17x600s

    Optics: MN190
    Camera: 460ex
    Mount: AP Mach1GTO
    Guding: Orion mini 50mm guidescope & QYH5L-ii


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  4. Nicely done - I know just how difficult this is to process - there's a huge difference in brightness between the core and outer regions.

    The second version looks very similar to me, on my screen. I'm almost tempted to suggest you've posted the same image twice!?

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  5. Hello, everyone. Sorry for yet another M51 but it's always an enticing target, being so high in the sky and I haven't tried it with my current setup.

    It's been more than a year now since my last post - I've had a bit of a break from the hobby due to various reasons, including the recent birth of our daughter! Baby + astronomy = one very tired dad 😴 One victim of this equation was my Hα layer, which was taken with the Bahtinov mask in place! 🤦‍♂️

    So this is an LRGB image which I've processed with very basic techniques in Photoshop. I decided to get decent amount of RGB to try and bring out the fainter colour in the background fuzzies etc. The RGB layer turned out almost as strong as the luminance layer! 
    However, this is far from the best M51 you'll see - I really don't know how others achieve so much impressive detail. I threw away a lot of luminance subs that were taken before I drift aligned, which helped improve the detail but only so much. Perhaps I need to revisit collimation.

    Atik 460ex
    Skywatcher MN190

    L: 32x600s
    RGB: 3x15x600s
    Calibration: Flats only
    (Total: 12.8 hours)

    Thanks for looking!


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  6. Hi! There's a lot to love about this image. Really nice, fine detail showing off a great field of interesting galaxies. Perhaps your colour is the more genuine one? :)

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