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  1. Not having much other data to play with, I thought I'd reprocess this. I've only done the Hα as this is clearly the best data - perhaps I'll get some improved Oiii in the future.

    I've uploaded a larger image and also flipped it the right way around (looks weird after staring at it in reverse for so long!) Maybe it's not that different now I compare, but the stars are improved I think?

    Here's the direct link to the large size image: The NGC7000 Wall in Hα


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  2. Nice work! Good to see you managed this with budget equipment. I've been trying my hand a photometry recently, although I haven't posted anything on SGL. (Photometry normally goes in this forum though: https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/52-observing-and-imaging-double-and-variable-stars/ )

    On 15/10/2018 at 16:26, PaulM said:

    How would you go about finding out good candidate stars to do this on, shortish transit with a detectable dip in brightness?

    I've been using this transit finder: https://astro.swarthmore.edu/transits.cgi

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  3. Well, yes, you can virtually never have enough data - 5 is very limited. 16 is a good starting point, as that enables you to stack with sigma rejection in DSS, which really brings the noise down. Other than that, careful processing can bring out more details using iterative curve adjustments. Aim not to "clip" the levels at the black end, otherwise the faint nebulosity gets lost. There are plenty of good tutorials out there, so it'd be better to read some of those than have me ramble on about it :)

  4. 5 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

    start with the camera and wheel disconnected, start the PC, then start the camera and wheel and lastly plug in the USBs

    Thanks - I shall give that a go this evening to see if it helps!

    22 hours ago, carastro said:

    My new laptop is exactly that W7 64bit, so I think something else is going on with your problems.

    I feel a reformat coming... Although, I dread making things worse while it's (sort of) working!

  5. 18 hours ago, carastro said:

    It's just arrived and I shall be installing all the software tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

    Good luck! Hopefully the issues are limited to Win7 64 bit.

    7 hours ago, noah4x4 said:

    Echo the advice about Atik Support.

    I did contact them on Friday but as yet have had no response. I'm not too concerned at the moment anyway, having got things working okay-ish with the old software.

  6. So I uninstalled everything and reverted to the software/drivers on the CD. I think it's named "Atik Software 2.5". Now Artemis Capture recognises the camera again! It still refuses to recognise the EFW2, but I am at least able to control it from FilterWheelRunner still. Not sure I dare tinkering any further..!

    Bit of a shame I can't use the latest software or set up sequences with different filters, but at least I'm back in business! Thanks again for all the help.

  7. Okay, I think I'll be coming back to this tomorrow! The good news is, my laptop is now booting and I've sorted out my power cable for the FW. Everything now shows correctly in device manager, but Artemis Capture is still failing to detect both camera + FW, even though the FW is detected elsewhere such as "FilterWheelRunner"

    I've already tried 3 different versions of the Atik software, so I'll try another (older) one tomorrow and see if that helps. Anyway, thanks for the help - I'll update if I get any further.fw-2.PNG.f77e1d233587f95f60044d06fb95f03f.PNGfw-1.PNG.63746dfdd85249342be90c37fb3248ad.PNG


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  8. Just now, carastro said:

    Just wondering why you had to do a home made power cable for the EFW?

    All my kit is powered from a bench supply, the cable from which runs to the mount. From there, I have DC distribution with everything fused separately. It's all worked flawlessly until now! (The old FW was USB only).

    1 minute ago, tooth_dr said:

    Sounds like a disaster. Unplug all devices prior to reboot. 

    Good idea...

  9. Hi Carole,

    Yeah everything seems fine and correct with the camera until I open up Artemis capture, so I'm currently in the process of installing an old version of the software/drivers. The software is all that's changed in respect to the camera.

    The FW doesn't seem to rotate when I connect it, no, so chances are the power cable I made up is faulty, or the fuse - I will test it with camera's power cable, after I've (hopefully) got that working again!

    It's pretty painful as this step seems to take forever, each time I install the Atik software. It's already been about 10 minutes:


  10. Hi Carole,

    Thanks so much for the information, it's a massive help! I'm currently sat in the obsy trying to figure everything out. The EFW doesn't appear to show at all in device manager like it does for you, so I reckon there might be something wrong with my cabling.

    The camera is showing correctly, but Artemis still cannot detect it - I've found somewhere on the web with previous versions and I'm going to try gradually rolling back the drivers until something happens!



  11. Having acquired an EFW2 and finding that Artemis wouldn't recognise it, I updated to the latest Core software. Now, it won't recognise my camera (460ex) OR filter wheel :(

    Perhaps I should really post on the Atik forum, but I was wondering if anyone else has encountered these problems? The laptop has Win7 64bit. The camera shows up in device manager under "USB Serial Bus controllers" but isn't detected in Artemis. I can't see the FW anywhere - where should this show up in device manager?


  12. Good job! If this is only your second time out imaging, then incredible job! I particularly like your Pleiades image. The added spikes on Orion look a bit strange as they don't align with the natural spikes.

    As for focusing, it's always best to focus first on a bright star (preferably with a Bahtinov mask) before slewing over to your target.

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