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  1. Ohh, now that is a brilliant idea, I have a Quadcopter habit and I've been wondering about doing something similar when I finally pick up a motorised mount. Looks like you made a really neat job, well done. Just one thing where did you get the battery percentage monitor from? Thanks, Matt H
  2. Just plucked up the courage to slacken off the Dec axis off on my EQ3-2 thanks for this, my scope is a lot easier to balance now! Thanks for posting this Badgers.
  3. chaotician


    allo matey! It's good to see you on here. Matt H
  4. Thanks for your help everyone, I have pretty much made up my mind to go with the BST EP, I've just got to wait until February now... sent from the tubes
  5. @Trevor-Austin Have you got a link to that review?
  6. @haich I have one other eyepiece, a Super 25 and a 2x Barlow, I am still on the kit I got with my Skywatcher 150p. Though because of the ease of transport I am using my Megrez 72. I am unsure as to where to start with eyepieces and I figured a drop in upgrade was my best bet as I quite liked the way things looked through that one. @Adrian do you have any personal experience of the BST Explorer EPs?
  7. So, I'm off work with flu, I am bored out of my tiny mind. I decide to see what I can see from my window. All went well, until I decided to pack everything away when I dropped the EP I was using, it's only a Skywatcher 10mm Super, however it is now chipped and looks foggy when I look through it and I don't get paid for another two weeks. Ahh well. At least I have an excuse to buy a decent eyepiece or two, and now I have a 1.25" lens barrel for my bits-box. Meh edit: on a related note can anyone recommend a decent 10mm EP with fairly long eye relief (I want to show my mum stuff through my scope and she has glasses) for around £100
  8. +1 for the Mars Trillogy, Love those books I love all the Peter F Hamilton Stuff I can also recommend Charles Stross, especially Acellerando Richard Morgan is also good. And anything by William Gibson. Matt H
  9. I have to say I love my 150p, it has served me really well for the last year, and to my knowledge it doesn't need collimating (yet). Though I'm not overly impressed with the eq3-2 mount it came with, it's a little too wobbly for my liking
  10. I'm 31 and counting sent from the tubes
  11. At least you got a break in the clouds. I saw naff all sent from the tubes
  12. I'll have to schlepp the scope into work that day. sent from the tubes
  13. Just figured out that the bolts were of no use at all anyway as the whole assembly is unscrewed and replaced by the polar alignment scope, d'oh. Still is good news sent from the tubes
  14. Hi All, I am in the process of arranging this years holiday for me and my other half. I was all in favour of going up to the dark sky park in Scotland, when she happened to mention the idea of going somewhere warmer, Tenerife possibly I thought, it has sun and sea, and also a mountain stuffed with observatories. I was wondering if there were any resorts that have telescopes and observatories for the amateurs, as I don't fancy getting my Newt on the plane as carry-on baggage. Any ideas, as my googling has come to naught. Cheers, Matt H
  15. We'd be doing them a favour really...
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