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  1. I caught the last 2 minutes of Planet 9...gutted I'll have to check iPlayer. EDIT: Update, both are available on iPlayer. (much to the wifes annoyance)
  2. If you want fast blow then you want to avoid car fuses. Try Maplins if not RS Components.
  3. Hi all. After some more advice please. I have just spent the afternoon updating my firmware and aligning my RDF (the RDF supplied is rubbish, so if anything this afternoon has confirmed I will be upgrading it), any way I digress. What Latitude and Longitude figures should I use when setting up my scope. The below image is what my iPhone gives me as my position and then the latitude and longitude screen from my sysncan. My question is, have i used the correct numbers?
  4. Something I just thought of....3mm wall is quite thin, you may have issues with thread depth.
  5. I've only ever seen up to about 20mm manual threading dies, anything above that I think you'll have to go to a local fabricator.
  6. Sounds interesting...have you a pic to show, trying to get my head round how?
  7. It must be a Corby thing John! You in any local groups?
  8. Yeah I am hoping to join my local club shortly, two to choose from. Plus I didn't want to turn up having never used the scope before...don't want to look like a complete newbie
  9. I have just got Jupiter with all 4 moons in view for the first time....blew my mind! Looking forward to my first Saturn viewing.
  10. Hi all, looking at getting a new finder and have narrowed down to these two. Would this be to big for my scope, as in to heavy? I have a Sky Watcher Star Discovery 150p? Skywatcher 9x50 Right Angle Or would this be a better choice Telrad ?
  11. I have a neighbour who leaves their damn bathroom light on all night!
  12. I checked the collimation on mine...well I used the defocus a star method and got a perfect donut so all is good Gutted yours is giving you so much trouble, when all done though i'd like to see a pic of it? Then jump in your car and come and fit me a new focuser
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