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  1. That's the problem its not first class mount as earlier posts of problems with pec and video stacking ,to rewrite pec I have to buy the software and a camera ( as I only have a atik infinity at the moment ) so the thinking is to go for auto guider to guide the mount and to then take video and miss out pec I assume that's correct ,I don't really want to do off axis so what is your recommended guide scope ,hope this makes sense . Many thanks
  2. Hi I would like if possible your recommendation's for a auto guider and scope that will work on a meade lx200 16 inch classic, running phd on the laptop ( not to price,e as we don't get that many clear nights in a year 5 in total this year ) many thanks
  3. Thanks Louis D, Jason has come to the rescue, the original pec can be over written with pempro as some were badly written at the factory, Top man Jason Ware .
  4. They might change it to a led light that would be better
  5. Tell them its keeping you awake at night as it shines into your bedroom.
  6. Thanks for the advice have email Jason and look forward to hopefully his reply Wow top guy Jason has replied
  7. Hi can not find anything in the manual about PEC this scope has seen a few years so maybe before its time ,I have had problems with not stacking on mainly galaxies but no problems on bigger objects like M42 .So I was looking to see if tracking was the problem, many thanks
  8. Hi can any one help on a Lx200 16 inch classic ,over a few nights of clear weather I have been trying to do some video astronomy with a atik infinity camera and have noticed that on finder view that the scope is not tracking as should but target star is moving in RA ie moves to west for a period of time then returns to the centre before moving east for a period of time ( I have the finder view set to 9 seconds and the target star will move about half a star diameter in that time ) I have read about training the RA on other scopes but cannot find it on this one only dec training is there
  9. Yes it was them I counted 34 in total from one side of the sky to the other in the end there will be a complete ring around the earth, there were single ones after on the same course so they are just filling in the gaps.
  10. D I Y it no waiting for someone not to turn up have a go its fun.
  11. I was out one dark night the owl hooting, rustles in the hedge row, I was trying to take a picture with my phone but I couldn't see were to press to take the picture so I turned the phone over only too see two green eyes staring at me over my shoulder,it took me a few to realise it was my own reflection on the screen, needless to say I didn't stay out very long after that.
  12. That will be good with the pot holes around here
  13. Have you looked on moonlite web site for ideas on how it could fix
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