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  1. D I Y it no waiting for someone not to turn up have a go its fun.
  2. I was out one dark night the owl hooting, rustles in the hedge row, I was trying to take a picture with my phone but I couldn't see were to press to take the picture so I turned the phone over only too see two green eyes staring at me over my shoulder,it took me a few to realise it was my own reflection on the screen, needless to say I didn't stay out very long after that.
  3. That will be good with the pot holes around here
  4. Have you looked on moonlite web site for ideas on how it could fix
  5. I have one on a sct I think the bracket fixes to the focuser, well it all came as one unit from moonlite and I fitted it to the scope as one.
  6. I made some curtains out of dpm draw them when its clear to block out the lights and open them when I am finished a lot lighter than fence panels.
  7. Hi anyone spot the mistake on a observatory I saw the other day.
  8. When lining up the stars did you use a eyepiece with cross hairs I did my skywatcher mount first time by eye with a 20 mm eyepiece it was way off all the time then I did it with cross hairs and it was bang on.
  9. Cloudy here weather man says clear at 23.00 fingers crossed.
  10. Its a out of focus star and tube currents " the fire inside the telescope" (if the telescope has not cooled down you get tube currents )
  11. Be aware is the concrete base a extension of your garage base, is it connected to it, if not is it a cap on a old mine shaft or clay pit someone has gone to a lot of trouble to put rebar in there as well you never no you get a lot of them around stoke it could be goodbyyyyyeeeee.
  12. Not me the fire is on its snowing out there.
  13. Retirement is way off I looked at the sky last night it was clear as a bell but had to be up at 5.00 for work, three hours driving, days work ,three hours back,so I left going out instead went to bed early ,when I got home today the sky was clear again so got all the stuff out ready for a nights viewing because no work tomorrow ,and the sky clouded and its snowing now .
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